Your small space needs a makeover

Here’s how…

All small spaces can get it’s own touch of glam because the  minimalistic approach is exactly what is making trends this season, and you wouldn’t want to be caught being left out. Minimalistic is the new black – everything is being cut down from weddings, intimate birthday party celebrations and then of cause a fainter square size in homes -are what people are going for these days. No matter if your budget is tight or you love feeling cosy in small spaces, you can still get to decorate your lovely home.

Create an illusion

There are many different type of feature that you  can add in your home to give the illusion of a bigger feel and a bountiful space.  The kind of lounge suites you get will determine this factor, as well as the accents pieces. Consider transparent pieces, they have an openness to them that may seem like the place has ample room. The kind of items that save on space are glass and acrylic tables, chairs, lounge suites and shelves that hide furniture. Also add a bit of brightness into your home as bright colours have the perception of clear, open, happy spaces so they tend to look broader in sight.

Get rid of clutter in your home

All home owners can attest that decorating your home to your personal style can be a tough job to crack. Especially if there isn’t a single stylish décor bone in your body. Cluttered spaces have never been appealing to the eye of décor, particularly if the space of the room is a bit cramped. In the mind of the owner it has cosy living written all over it, but to the rest of the world it simply looks like a pile of odds and ends splashed in a corner.


The kitchen remodeling your home deserves

All kitchens have the required touch to be inspirational and bring the essence of motivation to mind. No matter if you’re the best cook or worst cook in the world, when you have a kitchen, it needs to portray an array of inspiring colours and touches. When you are surrounded by vibrant colours and cookware, you instantly tickle the part in your brain that springs your creativity to life. Your cooling will come to life the more time you spend in a place that is not dull and unentertaining, but actually bring your recipes to life as well as make family time known as together time.

The importance of wall colour

The walls are just as important as the new kitchen cabinets. Never go dark in a kitchen, try something light as a dark colour will make the kitchen feel smaller and crowded, that’s the last thing you want. Unlike the livingroom the kitchen need to be light and breezy, not really dark and cosy. What every homeowner should have is a kitchen that is inviting and more of a fun space to be in. A stale colour to choose, would be white, but in the end if you can jazz up your kitchen cabinets a bright colour, then white will do. You can also add difference to your walls by painting it two different shades of stripes.

A kitchen with something different

The fabulous colour of your home can be bright orange and lime green are creative matches that fill the room with positive energy and the abundance of joyfulness. The kind of atmosphere you bring into a kitchen should be one that excites and invigorates. Incorporate fun and difference by giving a wonderful colour to the walls. Or you can replace the doors with glass tiles for a different effect, whatever you choose, the unique element should be showcased.A great retro feel, get kitchen appliances that match with your painted cabinets or cast iron pots for that extra twist of mixing and matching decor.

And lastly,

Planning  is essential for any home decor style change that you take on. This is a big endeavor that could cost you a lot more than what you bargained for if you don’t stick your planning. It will be very frustrating and expensive if something should go wrong or not what you imagined at all.

Hosting a Christmas party

Hosting your first Christmas party can be a stressful; leaving out something or forgetting to switch the oven on hours before guests arrive can happen. Nothing can go wrong if you have created a list of things that need to get done. But first decide what kind of dinner you’re going for – will it be something casual or more cocktail party-like? Or perhaps you’re choosing the easy buffet style as it makes the Christmas parties simple and effective.

Decide on your guest list

After careful consideration, determine the important factors such as the  date, time, guest list, and menu. When you have these out of the way, you can start with the heavy lifting – cooking (or buying dishes from your local deli). Call up your guests or send them an invite via social media, but no matter how you go about it. Get it done. Book in your guests before they get invited elsewhere.

The menu

The menu is the one part of the lunch that everyone will remember. People love good food, but what they love even more is the presentation of the food. Food presentation is like a bond repayment calculator – it looks good in theory, but getting down to the nitty gritty can get tricky.  If you’re having a dinner party, use one of these easy menus, or pick and choose which recipes you want to use and create your special holiday menu. You know your friends and family, so it can’t be hard on deciding what everyone will like. Choose appetizers that are quick to serve and go well together. To get it all over and done with, use recipes that can be prepared in advance.

Decorations galore

Now for the fun part. Put up the decorations and let them suit the theme you are going for. Bring in a variety of greens, reds, golds and whites into you theme to set the tone of the Christmas spirit. Don’t over do your table as the food still need to be plated on the table. Consider using small accent pieces that spaciously fit on your table. No matter what you decide to do, it will be a success.If the food is good, the rest will follow. Also keep in mind that it’s the time of the year where friends and family get to spend time together. The decor and food come after friends and family.


Safely removing stains from your lounge suites

lounge suitesWe have all thought about bright, white lounge suites that could become a new addition to the home, but then changed our mind because owning a white lounge suit is asking for trouble. A white lounge suit, or any light colour for that matter, is a risky move especially if you have little ones around. Spending thousands on a lounge suite, only to end up spending more on cleaning it, is not an ideal thought that crosses the mind of a homeowner.

However, if something tragic were to happen, like spilt red wine or chocolate stains on your sofa, you need to know how to get it out without breaking the bank first.

Identify the material of your lounge suite

Not all lounge suites are made from the same material. Check the tag to insure you are going about the right way of cleaning. The universal code for cleaning tag would be “S” for Solvent, “W” for Water, while some may indicate “SW” for Solvent and/or Water, and there are fabric sofa that can only be vacuumed. This way you will know if you can use any type of chemical or not.

Identify the type of stain

Next, you will need to identify the type of stain that caused this horrendous crime against your lounge suite. Different type of stain generally requires different stain removal solution. If you require professional help, they will have to to diagnose your sofa condition when you require their professional sofa cleaning service. If you can salvage your sofa then do so. As soon as the stain occurs, remove excess liquid or stain as quickly as you can to increase the chance of removing them. The sad part about any stain is that the longer the stain sits the more difficult, or impossible, to remove them.

When it’s up to DIY

Create your own solvent by doing the following: Mix 1 teaspoon of mild soap detergent like laundry or dishwashing detergent with a cup of warm water. Then mix the solution until it has formed foam. Once it has become foamy enough, use some of the suds using a clean damp cloth and start blotting the stain from the outer stain towards the centre. Once the stain is removed, rinse the stained area with clear water blot with new white cloth. For excellent results place piles of paper towel over the damp area and then put a heavy object on top of it.

The easy way to get rid of pests


woman-music-dance-homeUnwelcome guests are the worst to have over for a permanent visit. Little critters are no different and they need to be kept out, not only out of sight, but permanently out of your household. With them come the stress of bacteria and little bumps of bite marks on forearms. There are many ways to get rid of pests, but the simple way is recommended right here. No fuss and no strategic planning or an exterminator.
Block off flies with basil
Many people may not know this, but fresh basil can actually ward off flies. Send flies packing by placing pots of basil at doorways and windowsills and on the kitchen counter. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have sun for potted basil. If this is you, then put dried basil in a small muslin pouch, rubbing it occasionally to keep the scent strong.
Say goodbye to spiders
Scare off spiders with the scent of citrus. They aren’t fond of its smell and the only way to get rid of them is to mix water and unsweetened lemon or lime juice, in a spray canister. You can wipe off your counter tops with the mixture or spray down windowsills, corners, doorways etc. Get rid of spiders in your garden as well by dropping a few lemons, orange or lime peels on the ground. When you took applied for your home loan, spiders was the last thing on your mind, but now you can get rid of them.
Use vinegar to get rid of ants
The vinegar solution has never failed. Mix 50/50 solution of vinegar and water to wipe down counter tops and other surfaces. For best results, wipe down anywhere where you have seen ants roaming. The smell of vinegar is also known to keep flies at bay. The vinegar destroys any scent the ants leave behind to navigate, thus for effective results, wipe down vinegar several times a day.
Deter fleas with salt
Salt your floors and carpets before vacuuming, insuring that flea eggs are killed. Fleas have a three-day reproduction cycle; you have to have patients for this job. Salt every day for nine days and vacuum every third day. And after vacuuming, don’t forget to empty the bag or they will get back out again.
Eliminate pesky fruit flies
Trap fruit flies by filling a glass three-quarters full with vinegar or cider vinegar, then add six to eight drops of dish washing liquid, and then fill it up with warm water. The fruit flies will be attracted to the glass in an instant. This deadly mixture is sure to trap them and never come back.

Hygienic cleaning for your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home for many reasons: The kitchen is where kids gather around the table to do homework while Mom prepares dinner. It’s where lovers play around when they cook together. The kitchen window is the look-out to keep an eye on the kids as they play in the backyard. The kitchen is the most vibrant and active place in your home and for that reason it should also be the most maintained hygienic space.

Your supplies

You will need basic cleaning supplies before you start with your deep clean:

  1. Oven cleaner
  2. Anti-bacterial cleaner for the fridge and food cupboards
  3. Floor cleaner
  4. Disinfectant spray
  5. Wood or metal polish
  6. Sponge scourers
  7. Paper towels
  8. Rubber gloves to protect your hands

Cleaning the kitchen is not your run of the mill job. You need to be fully prepared with a cupboard full of the right cleaning supplies and products. While you clean, you may as well declutter those kitchen cabinets as you go along.

Disinfect all surfaces    

Get a good disinfectant and wipe off all the surfaces in the kitchen. Be sure to spray the disinfectant agent in and around your garbage bin too when you replace the bin liners. The kitchen bin carries a lot of bacteria and it will do you well to properly clean it. Pre-disinfect your Elba gas stove top before you use a degreaser to scrub away the grime. You may also lightly spritz the microwave, the counter, even the cutting boards and door handles.

Cleaning cupboards

Use an appropriate cleaner on your cupboard doors, as some chemicals may be too harsh on them, especially if you have solid wood doors. Other than that you may use a bowl of warm, soapy water and a cloth to work away the dust and micro-dirt.

Cleaning the sink

The inside of the sink may need to be cleaned with a powdered cleanser or spray degreaser. The sink holds many bacteria after doing dishes so use a toothbrush to rout out dirt around sink rims and drains. After scrubbing, rinse the sink with clean water, and lastly use a detergent to clean the fixtures and the sink apron. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Shine up the handlebars

When your cupboard handles or knobs look a bit greasy, remove them and soak in a bowl of warm water before wiping them off. Give them a good polish with wood or metal polisher to get them looking brand new. Brightening up your kitchen opens the door to inspiration followed by the ease of knowing you have a bacteria-free kitchen.

Tech to help you rearrange the home

We all want our homes to be better, but accomplishing that can be difficult. This is especially the case when we don’t use all the resources available to us – with modern technology and apps, it is perfectly possible to be able to have a proper handle on how to make our homes better. This can be done through merely re-arranging where current items are or finding out if we new items are required.

For example, consider something as complicated as a closet. We normally think these are just necessary items and can be put, basically, anywhere. Yet, when you use an app like Sketch Arm, you can figure out just how much proper planning can benefit.

Available on the iTunes store, the app is a tool for conceptual 3D design letting users create fully customized and personalised closet in a few minutes. As the site itself says: “Make a whole amazing design in just four simple steps and share it with your friends.”

As it states, you can:

“Place the closet in the room

Distribute the interior easily

Create and customize the doors

Check out the result in 3D”

The app has tutorial videos on its website and allows you to figure out precisely what to do with and to your closet spaces.

At the other end of the spectrum is Home Design 3D (Freemium). This is a lot more complicated, despite its functionality and free availability, on the Google Store. As the page says: “With Home Design 3D, designing and changing your home has never been so intuitive and quick […] Whether you want to redecorate, redesign or create…”

This gives users great versatility, but, as indicated, it obviously requires more time and effort and knowledge. Of course, no project on the home or office is easy – and being able to figure out how such a tool works could put the power in your hands, since you are best placed to know and keep your budget low. Relying too much on others could mean you end up paying more – either unnecessarily or for aspects that, if you did it yourself, you would find unnecessary.

When we were remodelling or renovating, we have to keep a close eye on how to arrange rooms. For example, if you’re working on  lounge suites, you don’t want to end up creating a space where your design falls flat.

This is why something like Virtual Plan 3D can give you, literally, a new dimension to work in to test out your home’s space. As the app pages indicates:

“run the application Virtual Plan 3D, point your smartphone to the plan present on the screen. The virtual plan and its interior design will appear on your smartphone.

“Alternatively, you can also print the available plans and point your smartphone on the printed plan.”

This provides you with more detail and info to work from.

And, in the end, that’s the point of all these and other apps. To give you more tools to do the things you want more efficiently.