Makeover tips for the bachelor pad



Batman needs his Batcave where he can blow off steam and simply be himself. That doesn’t mean you don’t want a place that doesn’t look and feel good though. Keep these tips in mind when decorating your bachelor pad.

Incorporate your personal style

This is your space. Five or ten years from now you might be sharing space with the mother of your child but for now you are the king of your territory. This means you get to decorate the place however you want. So if you want to make a Lord of the Rings shrine there is no one stopping you.

Don’t be a child

While it is great to celebrate your unique snowflake qualities there is also a line. It is fine to let your geek flag fly and have a glass case or a shelf dedicated to Star Wars and Dr Who memorabilia and a couple classy, framed posters. What’s not okay is when you can’t tell the difference between a junk shop/comic book store and a full grown man’s pad.

Also, it is not okay to have a racecar bed. Just don’t.

An entertainment system

Every bachelor pad needs an entertainment system. Without one it’s just a sad one-bedroom flat. And you want great acoustics to go with it. Alternatively, you can get a smart TV that comes with apps that let you access online entertainment with a touch of a button.

Don’t use black and red

For some reason, whether it is choosing a prom suite or bachelor pad décor, men seem to like the colour combination of red and black. Its clichéd and not nearly as stylish as you think.

Have a book shelf

Readers are sexy, pure and simple. Even if you’re not a great reader yet, having a few good books lying around could be the nudge you need. If nothing else it will give your pad a homely feel.

Prepare for comfort

You want a bachelor pad where you feel like you can come home and unwind from a hard day’s week. Stylish lounge suites, comfortable mattress and quality linen is the way to go.

Don’t shy away from nice smelling things

Scented hand wash in the bathroom and a couple scented candles in the lounge help set the mood and show the world that you are civilised have classy taste. That’s right, a couple nice smelling things turn you into sophistication itself.

It’s as simple as that.