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The expert way of decluttering your space


organize-homeDecluttering your personal space provides a sense of achievement, especially if you’ve been putting it off for months. Spring cleaning your home is an essential part of your well-being, as a clear environment produces a clear mind. A fresh look in your home, will give you a good perspective as well as inspire a transformation in all aspects of your life that you may have not known possible. Not to mention freeing up extra storage space.


Getting rid of clutter


All you need to do is move the couch, move the coffee table and then sweep, right? Not quite. There’s a process involved when it comes to removing clutter from your home while giving it a spring clean. The most important step of all is working out a recycling system that suits you. Round up your boxes and decide what goes and what stays.


Start by dusting off on top of  the cupboards, railings and racks. You’ll be surprised how much dust accumulates on top of curtain railings and lounge suites. Wait for the dust to settle, grab your broom and make your way through the area, giving it a clean sweep. Throw away or recycle anything that’s of no use to you. If you haven’t used it in a month, consider it thrown out. Have a separate box for items that belong to a different part of the house. That way you’ll have all the designated room’s items stored away in one container to be easily restored later.


Winning clutter solutions


You’ll find that there are many items in your home that may not have a place of their own. Making storage space available for these items is the only solution for keeping your home tidy. Here are a few storage solutions you can try to help you organise small objects and trinkets.


Shelves – No matter how big your space, a shelf can provide ample storage space. Especially if you consider floating shelves as they provide a minimalistic look when displaying ornaments.


Baskets – Baskets come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, making it ideal to choose one that’ll suit your taste. It’s fairly simple finding a basket that matches the interior decor of your home. Magazines, remote controls and everyday day items can all be placed inside your basket. The basket can be stowed away inside the cabinet, next to the sofa or even on the coffee table as a feature.

Media storage – Keep your CDs, DVDs and books out of harm’s way by investing in a media storage unit. You can be rest assured that your goods are well protected from damage or scratches and all in one, secure location.



Uplifting your master bedroom


The master bedroom is an essential place in the household where relaxation can take place in all its splendor. It is usually the largest room in the house and has the ability to transform any mood with its stylish decor and refreshing feel. However, there are some master bedrooms that fail to live up to the standard of fine living. This guide will show you how to transform your master bedroom from drab to fab.


Placement of the bed


The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, especially if it is placed in the middle of the room. Ensure the placement of the bed is in the correct position, a bed that looks better in the corner, should not be place in the middle of the room. Also ensure the headboard on the wall is on the opposite side to the doorway. Keep in mind, placing your bed diagonally takes up a lot of unnecessary space.


The nightstands


The placement of the bed will provide the placement for the nightstands. Choose an abstract colour or one which is neutral for it to suit your bed linen, as this would flesh out the elegance of the room. Consider the size, the storage space and the height before you make your selection. The height of the mattress needs to be taken into consideration, keeping in mind some duvet covers can heighten the bed.


Adding definition to the ceiling


The ceiling has become a feature that we barely notice, but all of this is about to change when you decide to make it more appealing. An interesting ceiling is not merely one which has a breathtaking painting all over it. Choose a ceiling with exposed beams if you are going for a rustic or laid back approach. Or better yet, paint the ceiling an attractive colour, but then leave the walls neutral, as you don’t want to overwhelm the room in bursts of colour.


Lighting options


Lighting sets the perfect ambience for any room. Different lighting set different moods, some can give a cheerful feel upon arrival and others can have an illuminating presence about them, that floats in mystery. For a dramatic, yet classy atmosphere, chandeliers are the best option. They add glamour and sophistication and can bedazzle anyone.

Bedroom colours that can influence your mood


Experts say that the room colour you choose can influence your sleep pattern, mood and overall wellbeing. According to 99Designs writer, Allison Stuart, yellow, orange and red are warm colours that can evoke feelings of energy, warmth and joy. However, it should also be beared in mind that yellow and orange can cause a slight irritation to the eyes and red can actually increase a person’s appetite. That’s one excuse for snacking in bed.




This colour is generally associated with royalty and wealth. It’s a soothing colour that can be used to sooth or calm the viewer. For this reason purple has been used as the chosen colour for beauty products. When purple is incorporated into a room, it represents luxury with minimal effort. A lighter shade of purple may show mystery and romance, but overall it stimulates the creative part of the brain. It’ not a likely colour that is chosen for the bedroom as this where you may want to rest your brain.




Blue is known as a cool, soothing colour that gives a spa-like feeling, especially if it has soft variations. A soft shade of blue will provide a calming effect and aid in sleep. However, this serene colour can quickly turn into a cooling effect in winter months, giving off a chilly-feel when applied to a wall. Instead, opt for blue curtains with white walls.




It’s no surprise that when we see the colour green, our thoughts immediately go to nature. Green is a natural colour that symbolises new beginnings, health and wealth. Out of all colours, green is easiest on the eyes and should be used to create a balance on design elements. The colour will evoke a restorative emotion that brings about a quieting feel as you are taken back to the green shades found in nature. For comfort and unwinding, a light shade of green works best in any room.




White can instantly go from bland to fab. This colour brings about an airy and open feel to any space giving the illusion of a more opened space room. A cramped room may need the colour white on walls for it to appear larger. White walls can be jazzed up with stunning curtains or exotic detailing with splashes of colour. The serenity will bring you at ease as you drift off to sleep.







Your home decor is linked to your well being

Home-Decor-IdeasTo change one’s private space is symbolic for changing your outlook on life and your perspective. Change is very therapeutic and is highly recommended. Giving your home a good makeover is bound to make you feel at ease and bring about an inner peace that will make you feel welcomed into your own space. A total home make-over is a must if you’re going through a stressful time in your life.


Don’t go too big or too small


Never overwhelm a room with too many furniture or homeware accessories. Minimalistic is the way to go when you have limited space available. Instead of buying one huge sofa, it is better to get 2 couches. A good measure to take is to buy lamps, cushions, side chairs and vases in pairs, this way you can separate them whenever you want to and put each in every room. It’s much easier whenever you want to move furniture around and more affordable as well. You can get slip covers and use them on couches and chairs.


The little pieces


With little accents to mix and match for your lounge suites, choose your colour wisely. Dark green, camel, black, tan or navy when buying upholstered furniture are always good to pair up. These are versatile colours to match up.   The only thing to ensure is that they are durable so that they can last longer. Once you have the right colour of the upholstery, get homeware accessories, cushions and materials that will be in harmony with the colour of the upholstery. Place side tables in the corner of the rooms and decorate them with table cloths that match with the other fabrics in the room.


The colour scheme

If you’re in a crazy headspace, then don’t colour the walls the colour of your mood. You might end up with a lot of different colours and textures that you will regret for months on end down the line. Keep to one colour scheme. Choose a minimalist colour like white and then find furniture and accessories that will compliment it. A plain nude colour will be easy pair up as well. Choosing the same colour scheme throughout the house will let you easily be able to move lounge suites around, without breaking the bank. If you want a fresh perspective, experiment with colours, styles and designs until you get the right look and feel in your home.

The worst kinds of people to live with

HousematesWhen you’re sharing a home, things can get complicated. Even if you’ve known the person for years, you never really know what kind of housemate they’ll end up being. You may end up having the best memories, but you also may end up hating everything about them. It’s cheaper to share the costs with someone, so you sometimes have to roll the dice and see what you get.

Everyone has heard stories of nightmare roommates and you don’t want to end up with one of those. But these are generally extreme cases. Most awful roommates simply fall into the following categories:  


The messy one

This is the type of person who does the dishes only once every other dish in the kitchen has been used. They literally leave things to mould and aren’t scared of a dodgy smell. They’ll toss their things all over the lounge and probably won’t even know where the bin is. They’ll spend a lot of time promising to tidy up but never quite get around to it.


The one that lacks boundaries

This is the housemate who’ll go through your closet while you’re away for the weekend. Even worse than that, they’re the housemate who’ll read your diary and then bring it up in conversation with your partner or parents. Personal space means nothing to them and just because they’d be fine with you going through their stuff, they think it’s okay to do it to you. And, if you bring it up, they’ll probably get offended that you don’t want to share absolutely every part of your life with them. Hell, they may even call your mom to whine about it.


The loud one

Whether it’s 3 am drunken sex or 7 am calls to their partner, you’ll never not hear this person. They won’t ever let you forget that they’re at home. They slam doors, laugh at a pitch you didn’t know existed and sing in the shower at odd hours. No matter how many times you ask them to keep it down, they simply won’t do it.


The one with way too many friends

This is mr or miss popular and they’re always surrounded by friends. You may not think this is a bad thing at first, but you’ll start to get irritated when their noisy friends are constantly in your space. They’ll have impromptu parties on a weeknight and litter your kitchen while hosting a last-minute dinner extravaganza. And you can’t really say anything because having friends around isn’t something you want to outright ban. How do you even go about complaining about it?


So, try to suss out whether your potential housemate is one of these types before you consult a bond repayment calculator.

Your small space needs a makeover

Here’s how…

All small spaces can get it’s own touch of glam because the  minimalistic approach is exactly what is making trends this season, and you wouldn’t want to be caught being left out. Minimalistic is the new black – everything is being cut down from weddings, intimate birthday party celebrations and then of cause a fainter square size in homes -are what people are going for these days. No matter if your budget is tight or you love feeling cosy in small spaces, you can still get to decorate your lovely home.

Create an illusion

There are many different type of feature that you  can add in your home to give the illusion of a bigger feel and a bountiful space.  The kind of lounge suites you get will determine this factor, as well as the accents pieces. Consider transparent pieces, they have an openness to them that may seem like the place has ample room. The kind of items that save on space are glass and acrylic tables, chairs, lounge suites and shelves that hide furniture. Also add a bit of brightness into your home as bright colours have the perception of clear, open, happy spaces so they tend to look broader in sight.

Get rid of clutter in your home

All home owners can attest that decorating your home to your personal style can be a tough job to crack. Especially if there isn’t a single stylish décor bone in your body. Cluttered spaces have never been appealing to the eye of décor, particularly if the space of the room is a bit cramped. In the mind of the owner it has cosy living written all over it, but to the rest of the world it simply looks like a pile of odds and ends splashed in a corner.

Cleaning methods for your new home

Moving into your new place can be a daunting task, there is so much to do and it feels like your mind is cluttered just like the space of packed boxes around you. Once all of that has been settled and you’ve packed away and stored all your household items you may find stains all over your carpets. To get your new home in shape for the housewarming there will be cleaning that needs to be done. Many people check the bond affordability calculator to see if they qualify for their dream home, once they do the next step is to start nesting.

The simple mixture and rinse

Mix up a solution of 1/4 teaspoon plain dishwashing liquid and one cup warm water in a spray bottle. The detergent that you use shouldn’t contain some kind of skin-moisturizing ingredients as this will cause additional staining. Then fill up a second bottle with clear cool water to use for the rinsing.

Don’t over spritz the stain with the detergent solution. If you don’t have a spray bottle, go out and find one, it’s much better than just pouring on the solution to the stain. You will then keep the carpet, the backing, the padding, and even the floor underneath from becoming saturated and damaged.

Blot the stain

Gently blot the stain with a clean cloth or paper towel, turning it to a clean area as it absorbs the stain. When stains are already deep, and has set into the carpet, work the fibres with your fingers. But do not aggressively rub the stain or it may become distorted and twist the pile, then causing it to spread.  Continue spraying and blotting until the stain is gone or no longer comes up into your towel.

Continue to spritz the stain with clear water to rinse then blot the stain dry until all traces are removed as well as the soap mixture. Be sure to dry up the soap, as it will only attract more soil, therefore it’s important to completely rinse the spot and blot it out.

Drying the wet spot

To quickly dry out the stain, place a stack of three or four clean paper towels on the wet spot. The paper towel will instantly soak up the remaining dampness once you put a heavy vase on top of it. Leave it overnight so any residual stain will wick from the carpet to the paper towels. Should you overlook this step, the stain will just reappear the next day as the carpet dries.

No need to try Vanish or OMO, when you have a bit of liquid detergent AND it won’t cost you a pretty penny either.