The expert way of decluttering your space


organize-homeDecluttering your personal space provides a sense of achievement, especially if you’ve been putting it off for months. Spring cleaning your home is an essential part of your well-being, as a clear environment produces a clear mind. A fresh look in your home, will give you a good perspective as well as inspire a transformation in all aspects of your life that you may have not known possible. Not to mention freeing up extra storage space.


Getting rid of clutter


All you need to do is move the couch, move the coffee table and then sweep, right? Not quite. There’s a process involved when it comes to removing clutter from your home while giving it a spring clean. The most important step of all is working out a recycling system that suits you. Round up your boxes and decide what goes and what stays.


Start by dusting off on top of  the cupboards, railings and racks. You’ll be surprised how much dust accumulates on top of curtain railings and lounge suites. Wait for the dust to settle, grab your broom and make your way through the area, giving it a clean sweep. Throw away or recycle anything that’s of no use to you. If you haven’t used it in a month, consider it thrown out. Have a separate box for items that belong to a different part of the house. That way you’ll have all the designated room’s items stored away in one container to be easily restored later.


Winning clutter solutions


You’ll find that there are many items in your home that may not have a place of their own. Making storage space available for these items is the only solution for keeping your home tidy. Here are a few storage solutions you can try to help you organise small objects and trinkets.


Shelves – No matter how big your space, a shelf can provide ample storage space. Especially if you consider floating shelves as they provide a minimalistic look when displaying ornaments.


Baskets – Baskets come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, making it ideal to choose one that’ll suit your taste. It’s fairly simple finding a basket that matches the interior decor of your home. Magazines, remote controls and everyday day items can all be placed inside your basket. The basket can be stowed away inside the cabinet, next to the sofa or even on the coffee table as a feature.

Media storage – Keep your CDs, DVDs and books out of harm’s way by investing in a media storage unit. You can be rest assured that your goods are well protected from damage or scratches and all in one, secure location.



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