Play time in the kitchen


The kitchen is the ideal place for little ones to have fun, explore and learn new things. While cooking up a storm and bustling your way through the kitchen you hardly have time to keep an eye on your child. This can be very concerning, but with a bit of ingenuity you can play, educate, and keep an eye on your little – all while cooking! Yes, this is possible.


Fun with pots and pans

Aside from eating yummy pasta, your little ones can also get crafty with pasta by making a necklace or bracelet, and it couldn’t be easier. All you need is a handful of different sizes of macaroni, thick string or thread, PVA glue, paint and glitter for extra sparkle to their pasta accessories.  By threading the pasta through the string, they develop their hand-eye-coordination.


Quick Tip: Put one end of the thread down to a piece of paper on the table using sticky tape, leaving enough string for your child to easily operate. Make sure that the pasta is at one end of the necklace or bracelet and that it does not keep slip off the end. After threading the pasta, the fun can continue by painting it or adding glitter to their creation. Once dry, un-stick from the paper mounted to the table and secure both ends of the string to the preferred length.


Make shakers


Rice, beans and pasta make great components for simple shakers. You won’t need much but an empty lidded container to add your mix in. Let your child measure and adequate amount with a spoon to scoop out enough mix to fill the container.  Simply put the lid on and then decorate the container using paint or stickers. This is fun for them and better for you, because they aren’t playing with kitchenware.


Let them decorate cake


Children love saying, “I made that!” Let them embark on the journey of decorating with icing. This is a no fuss, and less mess option that will leave them full of joy and pride. If you’re not baking your own cupcakes, then buy a batch of fairy cakes. Then go about mixing your icing sugar, remember to have a variety of colours, as this will appeal more to your little one. Add decorations like, jelly tots, silver balls, sugar strands and multi-coloured sprinkles to your cakes. They will have loads of fun when mixing in colour to make vivid hues of blue, pink, and green.

End off every fun activity with a great chat. Not only will it bring you closer with your child, but you will get to bond in new experiences which will open the door for greater communication.


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