Bedroom colours that can influence your mood


Experts say that the room colour you choose can influence your sleep pattern, mood and overall wellbeing. According to 99Designs writer, Allison Stuart, yellow, orange and red are warm colours that can evoke feelings of energy, warmth and joy. However, it should also be beared in mind that yellow and orange can cause a slight irritation to the eyes and red can actually increase a person’s appetite. That’s one excuse for snacking in bed.




This colour is generally associated with royalty and wealth. It’s a soothing colour that can be used to sooth or calm the viewer. For this reason purple has been used as the chosen colour for beauty products. When purple is incorporated into a room, it represents luxury with minimal effort. A lighter shade of purple may show mystery and romance, but overall it stimulates the creative part of the brain. It’ not a likely colour that is chosen for the bedroom as this where you may want to rest your brain.




Blue is known as a cool, soothing colour that gives a spa-like feeling, especially if it has soft variations. A soft shade of blue will provide a calming effect and aid in sleep. However, this serene colour can quickly turn into a cooling effect in winter months, giving off a chilly-feel when applied to a wall. Instead, opt for blue curtains with white walls.




It’s no surprise that when we see the colour green, our thoughts immediately go to nature. Green is a natural colour that symbolises new beginnings, health and wealth. Out of all colours, green is easiest on the eyes and should be used to create a balance on design elements. The colour will evoke a restorative emotion that brings about a quieting feel as you are taken back to the green shades found in nature. For comfort and unwinding, a light shade of green works best in any room.




White can instantly go from bland to fab. This colour brings about an airy and open feel to any space giving the illusion of a more opened space room. A cramped room may need the colour white on walls for it to appear larger. White walls can be jazzed up with stunning curtains or exotic detailing with splashes of colour. The serenity will bring you at ease as you drift off to sleep.








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