The worst things to DIY


There are many do it yourself projects on Pinterest that may interest you. Some of which may look like it has been crafted by a fairy with magical dust. Not everyone is born with the DIY gene; some of us struggle with super glue and hammers, while others glue the hammer to the hand. Taking on a project is a fulfilling feeling, it provides us with a sense of responsibility and the feeling accomplishment compares to none other. However, there are a few tasks that can end up being a nightmare if not done by a professional.


The plumbing plump


Doing your own plumbing can end up being the biggest mistake cost-wise. Not only is taking on a plumbing project dangerous, it is also a nerve wracking business when sweat starts dropping from your forehead. You may end up doing more damage than initially thinking you are going to  solve the problem. Many homeowners believe that they can get crafty in the bathroom because it’s the place that is least visible.


The panting painter


Contrary to popular belief, this is not the easiest job of all. There is no doubt that it’s easy to splash paint to the walls, but you need to know a thing or two for the brush strokes not to be visible or avoiding crossing over barrier lines. Beginner painters will be up on the ladder, stroking the brush with magnificent grace and when the job is done they will get back down only to realise there are two toned colours instead of one. They start out with good intentions, but that is not to say the Elba gas stove will look good against the wall.


The brawler installer


Avoid trying to install your own kitchen cabinetry or you might end up with a skew cabinet or doors hanging from the wrong places not enabling them to open and close correctly. You could end up damaging the exterior of the walls that will at a later stage cause extensive damage. Built-in kitchen appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers and built-in microwaves can be quite costly and getting it wrong can end up leaving a bigger dent in your pocket. Leave this one for the professionals instead.



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