Your home decor is linked to your well being

Home-Decor-IdeasTo change one’s private space is symbolic for changing your outlook on life and your perspective. Change is very therapeutic and is highly recommended. Giving your home a good makeover is bound to make you feel at ease and bring about an inner peace that will make you feel welcomed into your own space. A total home make-over is a must if you’re going through a stressful time in your life.


Don’t go too big or too small


Never overwhelm a room with too many furniture or homeware accessories. Minimalistic is the way to go when you have limited space available. Instead of buying one huge sofa, it is better to get 2 couches. A good measure to take is to buy lamps, cushions, side chairs and vases in pairs, this way you can separate them whenever you want to and put each in every room. It’s much easier whenever you want to move furniture around and more affordable as well. You can get slip covers and use them on couches and chairs.


The little pieces


With little accents to mix and match for your lounge suites, choose your colour wisely. Dark green, camel, black, tan or navy when buying upholstered furniture are always good to pair up. These are versatile colours to match up.   The only thing to ensure is that they are durable so that they can last longer. Once you have the right colour of the upholstery, get homeware accessories, cushions and materials that will be in harmony with the colour of the upholstery. Place side tables in the corner of the rooms and decorate them with table cloths that match with the other fabrics in the room.


The colour scheme

If you’re in a crazy headspace, then don’t colour the walls the colour of your mood. You might end up with a lot of different colours and textures that you will regret for months on end down the line. Keep to one colour scheme. Choose a minimalist colour like white and then find furniture and accessories that will compliment it. A plain nude colour will be easy pair up as well. Choosing the same colour scheme throughout the house will let you easily be able to move lounge suites around, without breaking the bank. If you want a fresh perspective, experiment with colours, styles and designs until you get the right look and feel in your home.


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