The worst kinds of people to live with

HousematesWhen you’re sharing a home, things can get complicated. Even if you’ve known the person for years, you never really know what kind of housemate they’ll end up being. You may end up having the best memories, but you also may end up hating everything about them. It’s cheaper to share the costs with someone, so you sometimes have to roll the dice and see what you get.

Everyone has heard stories of nightmare roommates and you don’t want to end up with one of those. But these are generally extreme cases. Most awful roommates simply fall into the following categories:  


The messy one

This is the type of person who does the dishes only once every other dish in the kitchen has been used. They literally leave things to mould and aren’t scared of a dodgy smell. They’ll toss their things all over the lounge and probably won’t even know where the bin is. They’ll spend a lot of time promising to tidy up but never quite get around to it.


The one that lacks boundaries

This is the housemate who’ll go through your closet while you’re away for the weekend. Even worse than that, they’re the housemate who’ll read your diary and then bring it up in conversation with your partner or parents. Personal space means nothing to them and just because they’d be fine with you going through their stuff, they think it’s okay to do it to you. And, if you bring it up, they’ll probably get offended that you don’t want to share absolutely every part of your life with them. Hell, they may even call your mom to whine about it.


The loud one

Whether it’s 3 am drunken sex or 7 am calls to their partner, you’ll never not hear this person. They won’t ever let you forget that they’re at home. They slam doors, laugh at a pitch you didn’t know existed and sing in the shower at odd hours. No matter how many times you ask them to keep it down, they simply won’t do it.


The one with way too many friends

This is mr or miss popular and they’re always surrounded by friends. You may not think this is a bad thing at first, but you’ll start to get irritated when their noisy friends are constantly in your space. They’ll have impromptu parties on a weeknight and litter your kitchen while hosting a last-minute dinner extravaganza. And you can’t really say anything because having friends around isn’t something you want to outright ban. How do you even go about complaining about it?


So, try to suss out whether your potential housemate is one of these types before you consult a bond repayment calculator.


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