Your small space needs a makeover

Here’s how…

All small spaces can get it’s own touch of glam because the  minimalistic approach is exactly what is making trends this season, and you wouldn’t want to be caught being left out. Minimalistic is the new black – everything is being cut down from weddings, intimate birthday party celebrations and then of cause a fainter square size in homes -are what people are going for these days. No matter if your budget is tight or you love feeling cosy in small spaces, you can still get to decorate your lovely home.

Create an illusion

There are many different type of feature that you  can add in your home to give the illusion of a bigger feel and a bountiful space.  The kind of lounge suites you get will determine this factor, as well as the accents pieces. Consider transparent pieces, they have an openness to them that may seem like the place has ample room. The kind of items that save on space are glass and acrylic tables, chairs, lounge suites and shelves that hide furniture. Also add a bit of brightness into your home as bright colours have the perception of clear, open, happy spaces so they tend to look broader in sight.

Get rid of clutter in your home

All home owners can attest that decorating your home to your personal style can be a tough job to crack. Especially if there isn’t a single stylish décor bone in your body. Cluttered spaces have never been appealing to the eye of décor, particularly if the space of the room is a bit cramped. In the mind of the owner it has cosy living written all over it, but to the rest of the world it simply looks like a pile of odds and ends splashed in a corner.


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