Tech to help you rearrange the home

We all want our homes to be better, but accomplishing that can be difficult. This is especially the case when we don’t use all the resources available to us – with modern technology and apps, it is perfectly possible to be able to have a proper handle on how to make our homes better. This can be done through merely re-arranging where current items are or finding out if we new items are required.

For example, consider something as complicated as a closet. We normally think these are just necessary items and can be put, basically, anywhere. Yet, when you use an app like Sketch Arm, you can figure out just how much proper planning can benefit.

Available on the iTunes store, the app is a tool for conceptual 3D design letting users create fully customized and personalised closet in a few minutes. As the site itself says: “Make a whole amazing design in just four simple steps and share it with your friends.”

As it states, you can:

“Place the closet in the room

Distribute the interior easily

Create and customize the doors

Check out the result in 3D”

The app has tutorial videos on its website and allows you to figure out precisely what to do with and to your closet spaces.

At the other end of the spectrum is Home Design 3D (Freemium). This is a lot more complicated, despite its functionality and free availability, on the Google Store. As the page says: “With Home Design 3D, designing and changing your home has never been so intuitive and quick […] Whether you want to redecorate, redesign or create…”

This gives users great versatility, but, as indicated, it obviously requires more time and effort and knowledge. Of course, no project on the home or office is easy – and being able to figure out how such a tool works could put the power in your hands, since you are best placed to know and keep your budget low. Relying too much on others could mean you end up paying more – either unnecessarily or for aspects that, if you did it yourself, you would find unnecessary.

When we were remodelling or renovating, we have to keep a close eye on how to arrange rooms. For example, if you’re working on  lounge suites, you don’t want to end up creating a space where your design falls flat.

This is why something like Virtual Plan 3D can give you, literally, a new dimension to work in to test out your home’s space. As the app pages indicates:

“run the application Virtual Plan 3D, point your smartphone to the plan present on the screen. The virtual plan and its interior design will appear on your smartphone.

“Alternatively, you can also print the available plans and point your smartphone on the printed plan.”

This provides you with more detail and info to work from.

And, in the end, that’s the point of all these and other apps. To give you more tools to do the things you want more efficiently.


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