Summer time décor


Summer time décor is filled with bright colours, flowers and an arrangement of smiles everywhere. There is something about summer that puts a spring in your step. Though the weather is hot, there is a feeling of pure bliss when the sun radiating in your surroundings. Stow away heavy accessories, throws, and unnecessary small decor items until it’s time to cosy up for the autumn season.

Don’t see your home as just another house. Think of it as a summer rental, a space where you’d love to be when you go on holiday. Open doors raise the blinds and let in natural sunlight. Get rid of pieces that are dark and gloomy. Put up a portrait of a beautiful, bright sunflower.

Greenery is natural living

Plants signify life. Consider going organic, not in your choice of eating habits, but in your home living. Put big pot plants on your patio or your windowsill. They will add definition and character, with added texture to your surroundings. If you are the type that forgets to water plants then choose cacti to surround your home. It will be awful if after a few months your plants start to wilt.

Fun, flirty linen

Whether you change your bed linen or any other fabrics in your home, it needs to be a colour that instantly lifts the mood of the room. Floral is one way to enhance the summer buzz, but if you are going to paint, then keep the colour neutral and other accessories to a minimum.

A colourful dinner party table

When summer time comes it opens the doors for dinner parties, festivities and all other kind of brilliant family and friend-time. To ramp up the summertime look, clear a small counter to create an impromptu bar, and arrange bottles and glassware on a pretty serving tray. Add splashes of colour to your trays by putting bright flowers or small fruit on the side. Yum! Mix bright floral, tropical, or nautical-theme dishes with your daily plates and bowls. Fun features like as stir sticks and paper umbrellas create a look that is perfectly seasonal.

Refocus the attention

Draw attention away from the fire place this time of the year. They might be a great focal point but it’s not winter so what is the point? Shift the focus of the room toward a beautiful window or French doors. Put away those heavy drapes and hang up gossamer sheers that flow with the breezes.


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