Get your home ready for summer entertaining

dinnerThe days are becoming longer. The sun is shining. It can’t be denied anymore. Summer is on its way. It is just a matter of time before every day will be so beautiful, you’ll be inspired to throw an impromptu dinner party on your patio.


As fun as impromptu parties can be, they do require a little bit of planning. Some forethought will go a long way in allowing you to host a fun party without much notice and without much work on your part. Stop for a moment and think about the best dinner party you’ve ever attended. You’ll probably remember seeing people you love, the laughs you shared and the great conversations.


Here are a couple of tips to make every dinner party your best.


Give your home a makeover. Not an extreme makeover, just a few simple changes which will have a big impact. You’ll likely be spending some time in your kitchen ahead of the party, so make it as comfortable as possible for you. Ensure everything is where it should be and that you have all the right tools for the job at hand. If cooking is your passion, you should enjoy your time in the kitchen. If you’re always dreaming about Smeg fridges, go out and buy one. You’ll get so much joy out of using it daily, you’ll never look back. There’s no need to go crazy decorating your home for a casual dinner party but small touches can have big impact. A bunch of fresh flowers and a few flickering candles are more than enough to impress. Don’t stress too much about making sure your home is perfectly clean but ensure it is kept neat and tidy.


Keep certain foods and drinks on hand. That way you can invite your friends over at the last minute and still be sure of having all the essentials at hand. Simple platters of cheeses, crackers, nuts and meats are always crowd pleasers. The bonus is you won’t have to set out plates or cutlery, making washing up afterwards a breeze. As for drinks, how about creating a signature cocktail? Your guests will likely bring a bottle of wine or favourite beers, but you’ll soon become known for your delicious and refreshing cocktail. Serve it at every party you throw and you’ll soon become known for it.


With these simple tips and tricks, you’ll soon be throwing dinner parties which everyone will want an invitation for. They will be casual and relaxed, filled with laughter, chatter and love. Just the way all great parties should be.


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