Nailing the retro look in your home

Who doesn’t have a bit of nostalgia for times past? The retro look has funnily enough become something of a classic. Despite referencing the past it can somehow be modern and trendy.

Going retro in your décor is not fool proof though. If you aren’t careful you could strike the wrong tone of kitsch.

Don’t you worry though because we have laid out the main points to keep in mind.

Know what retro is

Retro is bold and fun, brash and quirky.

Retro in terms of home décor is basically a modern interpretation of 50s style. Whereas today we are largely characterisied by a disillusionment of human progress and society and tend to want to move “back to nature”, the retro look harks back to a time when people were optimistic about what it meant to be living in “modern” times.

People were interested in synthetic materials like nylon and plastic and they liked “futuristic” or space-age shapes and designs.


Use bold colours and patterns

The retro look is all about big, juicy, vibrant colours and fun patterns. This goes for wall paint, decal, furniture and art work. Don’t go too overboard though because you don’t want your home to end up looking like the inside of a circus tent.

It’s best to stick to one colour palette.


Go vintage

Scour vintage shops and thrift stores. Raid your parent’s storage space. Have a few vintage items will give you that authentic retro look.


Find stylish retro appliances

If you look in the right places you can find old-school appliances that in the wrong setting might look outdated, but in your retro-inspired home will look vintage chic. If acquiring old appliances you’re your mother’s basement or second hand shops doesn’t sound appealing, remember that some appliances are actually purposefully styled to look retro. Probably the most well-known example of the latter is the Smeg range. Smeg fridges, toasters, washing machines and more have a wonderful retro design that almost does your entire makeover for you.


Use circular lines

Classic characteristics of retro furniture and pieces are curved lines and circular forms. You can use curved furniture with leather or wood finishes to help reinforce the look.

Have fun

Finally, just remember that this look is about fun. It is a far happier look than minimalism and more light-hearted than industrial. As long as you remember this crucial point you can’t go too wrong.


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