“Dos” and “don’ts” for when your friends help you move

moving house






Moving house is a big thing and it’s never easy, no matter what. You have to box up your life, figure out what you’re taking with, measure every window and every room, and plan out exactly where you’re going to put everything. It’s not fun.

But, after consulting your bond repayment calculator, you went ahead and bought your dream home. The time has come and you need to move in. If you’re extremely lucky, you’ve got the kind of friends who’ll give up their day to come and help you. And if that is the case, what you do next is important. Here are some tips on what to do when friends help you move.

Do bribe them ­– Tell them pizza and beer is on you afterwards. They’re probably not helping you just because they get something out of it, but they will feel like you really appreciate what they’re doing. Never get friends to help with a move and then send them home with no reward. It’s just rude.

Don’t work them too hard – Yeah, this is a hard time for you. And it’s meant to be. You’re moving house and that takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears… but it doesn’t have to be their blood, sweat and tears. They’re doing you a favour, so treat them well. You can carry on all day, but give them breaks.

Do give them the easier tasks – Don’t give them the heavy boxes to carry or the tricky boxes to unpack. Rather let them unpack the books and pack them on a shelf or carry the boxed up linen. This is not the way they’d like to spend their Saturday, so don’t make it hard on them. Also, there are many ways to injure yourself when moving house, so make sure everyone is safe.

Don’t be a dictator – Obviously this is your new home and you want everything exactly the way you pictured it. And it’s okay to tell your friends where to put the box with all the kitchen supplies. But don’t just stand there ordering everyone around. If they put a box in the wrong room, don’t get angry (even though it’s clearly written on the box). Simply move the box to where it’s supposed to be.

Do remember to thank themMoving house is a horrible task and there is truly no greater act of friendship than helping someone move, so make sure they know just how much you appreciate it. Also, make it clear that you owe them one and if they ever need help moving, you’re the person for the job.

So, once you’ve roped your friends into helping you move, keep these “dos and don’ts” in mind. Moving house a big deal, but it’s not something you want to ruin a friendship over.


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