Moving Mistakes People Make


mistakes when moving home


Moving into a brand new house is exciting, especially if it’s the first house you’ve ever bought. But it’s also extremely stressful. From the moment you put in your offer until weeks after the big move, it can be a complete pain.

In the beginning you think finding the money for your new home and stressing over a bond repayment calculator is the hardest part about moving into your new home. Then you realise that things don’t settle down until you’re fully moved into your new home. New home-owners make several mistakes when they buy their first home…

They don’t take the time to find the right movers – So, you go online and search for movers in your area. You call them up and their quote seems good so you hire them on the spot. Next thing you know you find out you’ve been overcharged and half your furniture is damaged. It’s really important to make sure you get the right movers.

They don’t mark boxes – If you don’t want to end up carting boxes full of books and cutlery around the house, carefully mark your boxes. Write down exactly what’s in each box and which room it goes in. If you want to be really prepared, write a list with all the information so that you can check that you’ve got all your boxes and that they are in the right rooms.

They start renovations right away – Let yourself settle in before you start knocking down walls and building on. Wait at least a few months (or even a year) before getting started on big renovations. Get to know your home a little bit more before you decide what needs to be done. You might change your mind about where to renovate and how to go about it.

They don’t clean before moving in – Yes, the previous owners should have cleaned before leaving the house, but they don’t always do it. And if they did clean, they probably didn’t do it as thoroughly as you’d like. After all, they’re moving too.

They unpack right away – Obviously you want to get settled in your new home as soon as possible. But trying to unpack everything on the first day will leave you drained and stressed out. If you’ve been unpacking boxes for hours you probably won’t notice that the bookshelf looks out of place under the staircase and you’ll end up having to move it later.

Buying your first home is a big a step and it can be a thrilling experience. But it can also be an extremely stressful time in your life. But if you avoid these common mistakes, your move will be a little easier on your nerves.




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