Secret tips for your home chores

We all want ways to reduce the times doing menial tasks takes. Thus we should consider some ways to reduce the time it takes to do tasks, so that we can get on with those things we want to do. This is particularly the case with spending time with loved ones, with office jobs.

Consider, for example, the microwave. It is often the bane of many people’s existence to clean. But why not try a technique that can do wonders.  Take a cup of water, then bring it to boil in the microwave. Once it starts boiling, the steam should help loosen dried particles to make them easy to wipe away. aslo recommends using baking soda, too, in the microwave.

“Mix a few tablespoons of baking soda with water in a microwave safe cup. Boil in the microwave for a few minutes. The insides of the microwave will be damp and easy to clean with a paper towel or dishcloth. This has the added benefit of removing odors that may be clinging to your microwave oven.”

Many of us hate having to deal with comforters and duvet covers; but there’s a quick and easy solution from Real Simple magazine’s Sarah Humphreys.

“Stuffing that comforter back in the duvet cover after washing bedding is one of life’s more frustrating moments, but it doesn’t have to be when you follow these steps:

  1. Turn the duvet cover inside out. Lay it on top of your bed with the cover’s opening facing away from where you stand.
  1. Place your comforter on top of the duvet. Make sure all of the corners are aligned. If you have corner ties, tie them together.
  1. Stand opposite of the opening. Begin to roll the comforter and duvet together like a burrito.
  1. Once everything is rolled up, grab one end of the roll and, using the enclosure of the duvet cover, stuff the comforter roll inside, similar to a sandwich bag.
  1. Button or zip the duvet cover closed. Position the burrito/roll on the bed so that the enclosure is aligned with the bottom of the bed.
  1. Begin unrolling and you are done!”

Consider too the tedium of laundry. One key piece of advice is to reduce it. As FastCompany’s Laura Vanderkam writes:

“I’m not advocating bad hygiene. But playing offense on the laundry is often more smart than smelly. Towels can be re-used, jeans and pajamas can be re-worn, kids can wear sandals (without socks) in the summer. Exercise clothes may not smell proportionally worse after two workouts than after one, but re-wearing them during a solo jog will cut your laundry burden a lot.”

Using these simple exercises, we can and should do better in our homes and chores.


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