Makeover tips for your teenager’s bedroom


Is your teenager clamouring for a bedroom overhaul? Their room is one of the few physical places they can really call their own, so it makes sense for them to be invested in how it looks and feels.

Here are a few tips to make sure both you and your child are happy with the outcome.

Individual identity

During this time of life, carving out their individuality is very important for teenagers. Your child’s bedroom is very closely aligned with their sense of identity, so it is likely that they will want to weave themes of their individuality into the makeover. Also take into account what their interests are. If they love games, comics and all things geeky, then they might love it if you built a shelf just for that purpose. It shows that you appreciate and accept who they are.

Be age appropriate

You might want to think of your teenager as a child forever, but they would very much object to that. While you might think it’s best to enjoy one’s childhood as long you can, you also need to let your teenager explore what growing up means.

If your teenager does not want his or her room to look like that of a child, then it is good to respect that.

Set a budget

Before you let your teenager loose, it is a good idea to first set a budget for the bedroom makeover. Negotiate this together to give you both a chance to talk about what the makeover will entail so that you will both be on the same page. If budget is a concern, remember there are certain things that make a big difference but don’t cost a lot. This could be a new lick of paint or new bedding like duvets and blankets.

Make it fun

Your teenager may as well enjoy the process of a bedroom makeover. Rather than get professionals to come in and do all the work, think about how it can be more personal and fun. For instance, they might enjoy painting the room themselves. Or perhaps it could be a task you two do together. Even better, let your teenager invite a couple friends over for a wall-painting slumber party. Order them pizza and you will be the coolest parent ever.

After all is said and done, the makeover is not just about how the bedroom ends up looking. It’s about your teenager expressing their identity and seeing you acknowledge and accept that. It’s about making a transition from a kid’s bedroom to a more mature one. And it’s about having fun.


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