Decorating your one bedroom apartment


Don’t let a small apartment deny you of stylish luxury. You can use simple ways to make better use of the space without lacking in style and quality. The first step is to recognise which part of your space you want to renovate, then get your furniture and properly decorate you small space. There are very efficient furniture on the market that is multifunctional is available from certain companies. They use up less space and fit better around the room making it easy to move around.

Furniture that make space appear bigger

There are furniture pieces that you can incorporate in your space to make your apartment appear bigger. Transparent furniture is one of the best ways to make rooms look bigger. These types of furniture make these spaces look bigger and more open, give the illusion of ample amount of space in a room. Items like glass and acrylic tables, chairs, lounge suites and shelves hide furniture and saves on space.

The size of the area won’t matter because you can still get the desired results. Being smart about your furniture choice, colour, material and textures you use will greatly help. Avoid dark colours for smaller rooms as they tend to give more of a homey, close and comfortable feeling, which is short for small and crowded. Prevent clutter by choosing the right amount and size of furniture.

Avoid clutter

Don’t choose massive furniture pieces, rather focus on the kind of piece that you really need for your home. A wall unit is great, but if you’re only going to stack ornaments on it, then rather scrap that idea. Always ensure easy movement, as it will look much better.  Also see if you can get furniture pieces that have more than one use .Versatile furniture is a great money saver and saves up on much needed space. All that’s needed is a lot of planning and the idea of what you are looking for and you are ready to create the living space you have always wanted.

Your small apartment may not be able to host 20 people at once, but those who do come around will instantly feel relaxed, because they won’t accidently knock something over.  Make you space work for you and feel free to make it your own.


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