Security tips for your home

Business man house in human hands

Your home is your private fortress. We know how much love you have given it so it’s understandable you want to protect it from outside forces.

Maximise your home security with these tips.

Have an intruder’s perspective

Don’t look at your home only from your point of view. Check out your home from the perspective of an intruder. Do you see any weak points that to an intruder would look promising? What about dark places to hide in the garden?

Speak to your neighbours

Security is not a solo effort. Your best defense against criminals is to have the whole neighbourhood on the lookout. This means actually getting to know your neighbours. Speak to them and encourage them to let you and others know if they see suspicious activity. Exchange numbers so that you can communicate with one another.

Prevent lock bumping

Lock bumping is a form of lock picking. Never heard of it before? It is more common than you think. Lock bumping uses a specially-crafted key that has been ground down to form small peaks, which is inserted into the lock then struck with a heavy object, with the force unlocking the door. The simplest way to defend yourself against this is to upgrade your locks. Go to your local locksmith, like locksmiths in Johannesburg South, and inquire about locks with anti-bumping measures built in.

Let there be light

Burglars are more likely to hit a house that is shrouded in shadows with plenty hiding places. Make it more difficult for them by installing exterior lights.

Install security cameras.

Installing security cameras might seem like an extreme measure, but installation is fairly easy and not a lot of maintenance is required. You will have footage on record should anything happen and you need to get to the bottom of the situation. More than that though is the fact that surveillance cameras act as a deterrent.

Ditch the bad habits

Sometimes one of the biggest threats to your home’s security could be you. Many of us are guilty of habits that jeopardise our home security. For instance, leave spare keys with neighbours you trust rather than under the mat. Always vet out anyone who is given access inside your premises. Always lock your doors and windows whenever you leave the property and don’t make it obvious when you are away on holiday.

Make sure that everyone in the house develops good security habits. It just takes one slip up for disaster to strike, so consistency is key!


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