Tricks to make your room seem bigger

spacious-living-room-and-dining-areaDid you know that you can make a small room seem bigger without smashing down walls?

Whether your whole house feels cramped or there is just that one room you wish felt a bit bigger, these tips and tricks will help you get the space you crave.

Stay clutter free

One of the simplest and quickest ways to make a room feel more spacious is to remove all the clutter. Even the biggest room will feel cramped if every surface area is covered with clothes, books, dishes and knick-knacks. Clutter could be the result of general untidiness, or it could be from hoarding items. If the latter, go through your room and see what you really need to keep.

Choose blinds over curtains

Curtains can add visual bulk to a room, whereas blinds let the eye pass uninterrupted over them, creating clean lines.

Sell unnecessary pieces

You might like the look of having an ottoman, or perhaps you really like the style of that extra armchair. However, these additional pieces in a room really take up a lot of space. If they are not necessary then it might be time to find a new home for them. Or perhaps even just put them in a different room.

Paint your room

You would be amazed at how different painting techniques can change the effect in your room. If you specifically want a more spacious room, then stick to bright colours. White usually works best as it makes a room feel more light and airy. You can also paint the mouldings a lighter colour to make the walls seem further back. Another trick is to just paint one wall in colour and leave the other sides white. This creates the illusion of depth. If you want a fun, playful look, paint vertical stripes by alternating shades of one colour. They’ll draw the eye up and down, making your bedroom appear taller and therefore larger.

Tone down the colours

Dark or bright colours can make a small bedroom seem even smaller. Rather stick to white, cream or pastels. This goes for the colour you paint your room, but also for your furniture, blankets, carpets, etc.

Choose blinds over curtains

One final tip to leave you with is to throw out your curtains. Curtains can add visual bulk to a room, whereas blinds let the eye pass uninterrupted over them, creating clean lines. This trick and the above mentioned ones should give you the roomy, spacious room you so desire.


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