Making the move easy


After you’ve gone through the excitement of finding a new place, the realisation of the move kicks in. It can be a bitter sweet feeling – leaving old memories behind, but also the anticipation of creating new memories in your new home. Then there is the dreadful task of packing up boxes and the stressful feeling of not wanting to leave anything behind.

Get boxing

Finding boxes to store all your goods in is not as hard as it sounds. Retailers may have lots or shipments, but your best bet is getting your boxes from the furniture store –they practically have all the sizes. Ask the manager a week ahead of time to keep all the boxes for you, just in case it gets recycled before you get there.

Get the measures

Everything you own may fit perfectly in your current home, but it may not in your new one. Don’t assume that your dining room furniture will fit in your new place. Instead, measure it accordingly and then take the measurements, with your measure tape in hand to your new place.

Sorting and packing

Pack all your essential items into a suitcase -this would mainly include clothing and toiletries. Live out of your suitcase, so that you can pack in all your other items into boxes. This will make the move easier if you start packing three days ahead of the move. On the day of the move, simply pack your suitcase into the car and off you go.

Pack all your items that are from the same room into one box. This makes the sorting of things much easier later on when you have to unpack. Labelling all the boxes also makes for a much easier process.

Your new journey begins when you open the door to your new home. To get everything done at a faster pace, ask your friends to help you out. Then as you slump on your couch enjoy a nice cup of coffee to get you pumping for the next task: Figuring out where to repack all your stuff.


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