You can have a hotel-style bed at home

hotelDon’t you just love that feeling when sinking into a hotel room bed while travelling? It’s not just the buzz you get from travelling; it’s the actual bed itself. They are just so plush and indulgent.

Why is it so comfortable, and more importantly, i9s it an effect you can achieve at home? It’s a perfect combination of luxurious linen, layer upon layer of bedding, and expert bed-making skills. And yes, you can achieve this luxury at home.

The mattress

First things first. You need to work on the right foundation, which means having a quality mattress. The favourite choice on the market are innerspring and memory foam ones.

For an extra layer of luxury and comfort, add a mattress topper, which fits over your mattress and has the added benefit of protecting your mattress against spills and stains. If money is not an issue, splurge on a topper that’s stuffed with duck down, for extra decadence as you settle in for the night.

Night frill

Night frills are notorious for being fussy, so many people don’t use them. However, if you want that hotel look, then you have to add it. If the frills get too much, use one with a boxed design. If you really don not want to have to bother with a night frill when making your bed in the morning, then you can rather invest in a bed with a faux suede base. It is far less fuss.

High quality linen

Your sheets are a very important component. Simply put, you have to get cotton. And it has to be a high count of course, but don’t get swindled by those ultra-high thread counts (at too-good-to-be-true prices), because they can simply be a marketing gimmick. It is important to consider the type of cotton. Egyptian cotton is a favourite for a reason, as it is regarded by some as the finest linen one can find.

Plush duvets and pillows

You want a duvet that you look forward to sinking into every night. As with the mattress topper, you want to preferably choose a duck or goose down filling. These inners are responsible for that puffed up look and a duvet that’s delightfully crisp against your skin. For your pillows, whether a foam or feather inner is best depends on your sleeping habits.

Blankets and throws

Once you have chosen your duvet and pillows, the next step is choosing your blankets or throws. A blanket works for winter, while a light throw can suffice for summer. Drape your blanket or throw across the bed or at an angle over one corner of your bed so that it makes a decorative statement. Remember, a hotel-style bed is not just about comfort, but aesthetic appeal as well.


Finally we come to the sprinkles of this delightful cake. The finishing touch is artfully arranged cushions. Mix up the shapes and sizes and play with different textures like sequins or faux fur.

Now, the final thing left to do is test out the finished product. If it feels like you are nestled in the soft belly fur of a new born kitten, then you have done your job well.


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