Simple tricks for a more comfortable yard

gardenHaving a yard on your property is a wonderful thing. If you are privileged enough to have an outdoor area for yourself, then it is understandable for you to want you and your family to make full use of it. Perhaps you have lovely mental images of you sipping chamomile tea out in the sun, while your young ones frolic amidst the daisies.

Does the reality match up though? You might find that even if you have a yard at your disposal, you don’t end up spending much time in it. If you would like that to change, here are a few easy ways to do just that.

Give yourself more space

One important reason for not spending time in your garden could be because it feels cramped. Even a large sprawling yard can feel cramped if it is not laid our properly and is filled with too much clutter. Similarly, even a small yard can be made to feel spacious with enough planning. Read a few tricks to help you achieve this.

Comfortable seating area

In your mind’s eye you might envision reclining on picnic blankets or simply lying on the grass while you soak up the sun. In reality, however, you probably won’t spend much time outside if you don’t have comfortable seating space. While you can simply bring out a chair from inside when you want to sit outside, this can be inconvenient which means it is less likely that people will venture outside. It is therefore time that you invest in some garden furniture.

Neatness and cleanliness

If you want friends and family to spend time in the garden and be comfortable while doing it, you must make sure that it is the type of space wherein people will want to be. In other words, is your garden neat and tidy? Have the flowerbeds been de-weeded and the lawn cut? No one wants to spend time in a yard that is messy and unkempt.

Have something pretty to look at

While fresh air and sunshine is a great incentive to be outdoors, to get the household to spend more time outside it is good to have something more to offer. Getting a swimming pool for the sole purpose of moving people from indoors to outdoors is a bit drastic, but there are many other options as well. For instance having beautiful flowers. After making yourself a cup of tea, you will be more inclined to venture out if you know that there is an opportunity of literally smelling the roses.


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