Impress your friends with your DIY skills

How many of your friends can say they made a wine rack before, or even a wood stool for that matter? Become the expert amongst your group of friends and show off your creation at your next house party. They might become so impressed that they recommend your creation on the Suzelle DIY Youtube channel.

The wine rack

First you’ll need a list of all the items you are going to need for your wine rack. If you don’t have any of these items on the list, shop around to get the best bargain and value for money.

  1. 14′ of 1″ x 10″Melamine board
  2. Miter saw or hand saw
  3. Chisel
  4. 8 drywall screws (1 ½ cm in size)
  5. Drill
  6. Screwdriver
  7. Square

After you’ve found all the items on your list, it’s time to get cracking, or in your case, sawing. Remember to wear protective eye goggles for that pesky wood dust that may get into your eyes. Protection always comes first in any DIY project, that way you won’t look at your masterpiece with a sore eye!

Any wood can be used, but using certain melamine boards, you won’t need to use paint to finish off your project. There are many different ways you can make your wine rack. In this instance you will be making a diagonal wine rack. First you’ll make the square by screwing the side boards together, then measure the inside diagonals and place the boards diagonally inside your square. Does it sound simple enough?  It will only take you about one hour to complete, which gives you more time to enjoy a glass of wine.

And what about a wood stool?

Making a wine rack is for beginners, but if you would like to take it up a notch, then try your hand at making a wood stool.

Step 1: Cut the melamine board in 8’x1x4 and one 4’x2x2, and sand off the edges.

Step 2: Get out your drill, and drill pilot holes to prevent the wood from splitting. You will need number 6 square drive wood trim screws to attach the side skirts, but still keep in mind to drill clearance holes for the screws, not the pilot holes.

Step 3: You will need glue for this step.  Make the two leg assemblies by first gluing it together so that you can still make adjustments to the square before the glue sets. After the glue has set, attach the side skirts.

Step 4: Attach the side skirts, but be careful and support the legs when you nail.

Step 5: Glue and nail the seat planks using 1/4’’ spacers.  An overall picture will provide you with greater context to quickly assemble your pieces.

These stools are great for the outdoors; they’re small and can even go along on camping trips. Little ones will also enjoy sitting on these small stools, so it’s great for kids’ rooms.

Always remember to have a big enough work space, so that there’s no clutter around when you work on your project. Cluttered spaces can become a minor distraction, which could result in major consequences.  When sawing, dust particles can leave a pretty mess. Place newspaper on the floor of your workspace for the dust to fall onto. Once you’re done, you simply pick up the paper leaving you with little to no dust on the floor.

So make a wine rack for your wine bottles or a cozy wood stool that fits perfectly with your decor. Get out your tools and start your DIY project right now.





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