Get that hotel room feeling


There’s nothing quite like a night’s sleep in a hotel room.

It might be the promise of a buffet breakfast the next day, it could be the allure of exploring a new destination, perhaps it’s knowing you won’t have to do the cleaning or make the bed.

Research has found that getting enough sleep every night is incredibly beneficial to every aspect of our lives.

Sleep helps you learn, prevents obesity, manages stress and helps you make better choices.

Basically, you owe it to yourself to get the best night sleep possible, every night.

Your could have that hotel feeling every day by adding a few boutique hotel essentials to your bedroom.


Change your bedding

One thing always springs to mind when thinking about staying in a hotel. The duvet covers. Fluffy, white, comfortable and comforting. What if you could go to bed each night and wake up every morning feeling that way? The most important thing you could do to improve your sleeping experience would be to change your duvet covers.


Invest in a mattress

You’re always guaranteed an amazing sleep in a hotel bed. The mattresses are usually massive, often a queen or king size. Compared to your piddly double, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a magical cloud of comfort. Make the decision to invest in the best quality (and biggest!) mattress you can afford. You’ll feel like you’re waking up on holiday daily.


When in doubt, add more pillows

Okay, so most of us only sleep with one or two pillows. But by having a selection of pillows in sizes and shapes you’re providing the ultimate in luxury – choice. You’ll have exactly the right pillow for any moment – reading, sleeping or lounging. They also look fabulous when arranged just so. Five per side is considered the ultimate in luxury.


Fill your bedside table

One of the best parts about a hotel is the tricked out bedside table. They come stocked with all of the goodies you’ll need for the night. Awesome reading lamp and enough plugs, check. Alarm clock and glass of water, definitely. Fresh flowers and bedtime chocolate, yes. Fill your bedside table with all of the essentials you’ll need during the night and the next morning, and you’ll never want to leave.


As you can see, getting that hotel room feeling is achievable for everyone. Just set the right tone, add some accessories and you’ll wake up every morning feeling like you’re on holiday.


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