How to create a focal point in your room


Have you been trying to give a room a makeover, but just can’t seem to get it right? You browse through catalogues and décor magazines, rearrange furniture repeatedly and hunt for the perfect piece that will make it all come together, but something still doesn’t seem right.

Before you throw everything out and start all over, first take a look around the room and try to pinpoint the focal point. If you can’t identify a single focal point, that might be what is missing.

What is a focal point?

Right now you might be asking what a focal point is and whether you really need it. A focal point is the single point that draws the eye when you enter the room. Without one, the room lacks focus and can seem boring. Too many focal points, on the other hand, defeat the purpose and overwhelm the eye. In most cases, you should only have one focal point per room.

What counts as a focal point?

There are many things that can constitute a focal point in a room. It could be a colourful painting. In your bedroom it will typically be your bed. Perhaps it can be a glorious chandelier, an ornamental fireplace, or even a window with a breath-taking view. The point is that it is eye-catching, and the rest of the room is set up in such a way to draw attention to it.

Making the focal point the actual focal point

Once you have decided what you want the focal point of a room to be, you have to make sure that the rest of the room supports it. There are many ways you can do this. For instance, if you want a painting to be your focal point, make sure it is hanging on a bare wall that is visible as you enter the room. There shouldn’t be other pieces on the wall vying for attention, unless they are strategically used to draw attention to the focal point. If it is a decorative centre piece, you can arrange the rest of the furniture in the room around it or pointing towards it. For instance, think of lounge suites arranged around a coffee table with a sculpture on it. You can also angle mirrors to that they reflect your focal point.

Start with the focal point

If you are still in the process of decorating your room, it is a good idea to make your focal point the starting point of your decorating efforts. Choose what your focal point is going to be and plan the rest of the room around it. Draw attention towards it and don’t let anything else try to compete with it for attention.


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