7 Things every bedroom needs and 1 thing it doesn’t

bedroom The blueprint of a house serves as a basis from which to design and build a home. There are walls, doors, windows, steps and counters. These elements are always present, no matter the look of the house.

In a similar way, there is a blueprint for a bedroom – a few pieces that every bedroom should have, regardless of the theme or colour scheme.

These must-have pieces make a bedroom more functional, more personal and more beautiful. Go through the list below to which are already in your bedroom and which should go on your bedroom bucket list:

  1. Headboard

The argument for a headboard is simple – the bed will look a million times better with it, than without it. The headboard is the finishing touch to the bed, serves as a focal point in the bedroom and reveal a little about the personality of the owner of the bed. The latter is especially true if you make the headboard yourself.

  1. Just enough pillows and cushions

Every bed in the world has a collection of pillows and cushions on it, but the trick is to have just the right number. There shouldn’t be so many on the bed that getting into it at night is a chore. As a rule of thumb, have a maximum of six pillows and cushions on the bed.

  1. Night stands

There should be a night stand on either side of the bed and they should be stocked with everything you need at night time. Depending on your personal habits, these items could be a glass of water, books, a lamp, notebooks and a cell phone charger. With everything right there, there is no reason to get up once you’re between the covers.

  1. Somewhere to sit that’s not the bed

A bench at the foot of the bed, a chair in the corner of the room or a chaise lounge will provide space to sit when you’re reading. You can also leave books on this chair or bench while you’re not reading, which is great when you’re short on shelves, or even keep extra blankets on them.

  1. Rugs

A rug by the bed will be soft and warm underfoot as you get out of bed, while a rug under a chair will demarcate the area as a reading nook. Rugs also soften the look of a room and do double the work when a smaller rug is put on top of a bigger rug.

  1. A collection of things you love

There should be something in the room that says it’s yours; something that puts a smile on your face after a long day. This could be family heirlooms, pieces you’ve accumulated during travels or gifts you’ve received from family and friends. Cluster them all together on a shelf or a chest of drawers.

  1. Art or photos

There should be at least one piece of art or a collection of photos in your bedroom. These pieces needn’t be expensive, as most home décor stores or online stores sell prints and photos at affordable prices.

Just as these things belong in every bedroom, there is one thing that should absolutely not feature in any bedroom. That one thing is:


Televisions and computers have no place in a bedroom and the same should go for cell phones. Bedrooms is a place for rest and relaxation, while tech does the exact opposite. It keeps us awake and wired, so ban watching movies and series from the bedroom, while staying away from social media just before bedtime too. You’ll sleep better and wake up refreshed, ready for the day ahead.





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