Décor ideas for an oddly-shaped living room

living room decor

Most of us are so used to square or rectangular living rooms that we have no idea what to do when faced with a living room in an odd shape.

This could be a living room with one wall longer to shorter than the rest, forming a nook. It could also be a living room with one wall broken up awkwardly by a door to another room.

Whatever the problem, it shouldn’t hold you back or stop you from buying or renting a space that’s your dream home in every other regard.

Lucky for you, you can find the solutions to your oddly-shaped living room right here:

Draw attention away from the walls

To make odd angles and shapes less noticeable, paint the walls in a light colour. Then follow with furniture in robust colours. The strong colours will draw the eye away from the walls, making them fade into the background even more.

Divide the room into separate spaces

A nook in a living room can be turned into either a mini study or ready corner. This will give this extra space a function, allowing it to work better. No nook but still an odd shape? Then use area rugs to divide a room into separate spaces.

Definitely have a focal point

If yours is like most lounges, the television is the focal point. Decide where you’d like to place the television, or any other focal point, then plan the layout of the rest of the room around it.

The rest of the room should start with the longest piece of furniture, so the piece that will take up the most space. This would likely be lounge suites, so pick a place for the couch first and then see what will work best for the rest of the pieces.

Give an odd corner a purpose

Place a small table, tall vase, coat hanger or any other quaint décor element in a corner. That will create the illusion that the corner was created to hold the table, vase or hanger, making it seem a lot less out of place.


Image credit: http://cdn.homedit.com/


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