Affordable bedroom makeover ideas

bedroomWe humans tend towards change. Sometimes that can be trying out a new restaurant, going on holiday or getting a haircut. Sometimes it means new décor.

If you are tired of how your bedroom looks and want to get a new look you might be worried about the cost involved. Not to worry. These tips show you how to get a bedroom makeover quickly and easily on a budget.

A paint job: The quickest and easiest way to refresh a room is with a lick of paint. You can stick to the same colour or a slightly different shade, but how about making a daring change? Like a deep burgundy wine or a cool turquoise. If that sounds too drastic you could alternatively paint just paint one wall a new colour – making it an accent wall – and leave the other walls a neutral colour.

Rearrange the room: Sometimes, all you need to do to give your bedroom a makeover is simply move the furniture around. Perhaps you could enjoy a different view of the window from your bed. Or perhaps you can enhance functionality and flow by arranging the furniture. This option will cost you a grand total of zero bucks.

The bed: The bed is often the focus point of a bedroom. In other words, it is the one feature that the eye naturally gravitates to as you enter the room. By changing the bed you therefore alter the whole room. This could entail getting a brand new bedframe, but this can be expensive. In the interest of staying with our theme, you could rather opt for buying new duvet covers and a couple throw pillows.

Roll out a rug: Another feature that changes the look and feel of a room completely is a carpet. Carpets can be expensive, yes, but you don’t have to go for only the expensive options. A carpet will make your wooden floor feel warmer or your carpeted floors a different dimension. When choosing an area rug, try to match it to the main elements in the room, like the blankets, pillows or duvet cover, so that the room doesn’t look top cluttered.

The light fixtures: If you have been staying in your current abode for a while, the chances are good that you have non-matching light fixtures. How about changing your light fixtures to something more stylish? New light fixtures can immediately update your room with a new feel.

Framed photographs: Never before in human history have we had so many personal photographs in our possession. The problem is that they are mostly located in our Facebook profiles or saved somewhere in our hard drives. What about printing out a few of your favourite and hanging up a framed collage of them? The printing won’t cost you too much, and a simple wooden frame will do the trick. Not only will this change the look of your room, it will add character and personalisation – truly making your bedroom your haven.


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