3 Reasons to go to a décor expo


When you want inspiration for your home, where do you go? Most likely you either come here or consult a favourite magazine. Do you put events like Decorex or Homemakers Expo on your calendar?

Perhaps you’re not much of a crowd person, but décor shows are much more than just a room full of people that you have to pay go into – they are, in fact, ideal events to visit for a quick décor fix.

You get all the latest décor and design trends under one roof

Attending an expo is an instant update on everything projected to be “in” during the coming season, from curtains to dining room tables. Anyone short on time or attention can appreciate this. You don’t need to trawl website after website for your décor fix, or buy and read all the magazines on the supermarket shelf.

If you see something you like, take a photo (with permission of the stall owner, of course) or walk away with a business card or flyer. Alternatively, just jot down the website addresses in a notebook. You can visit a website for all the contact details later.

Designers and décor pros are at your disposal

Normally you’d only get access to the advice of designers and decorators through the pages of a magazine or website. A décor expo give you direct access to these professionals and their advice. You can ask them questions, source their opinion and perhaps even strike up a relationship that’ll last long after the expo has ended.

You can cash in on exclusive deals

Oftentimes, exhibitors have specials that are only valid for the duration of the expo. Some might also have promotions shaped to draw you to their stores after the expo. Either way, you could save a lot of money on something from your favourite designer, simply because you bought a ticket to the expo. If it’s a new designer that’s caught your attention, a special could be the perfect way to test their product and services without having to necessarily fork out thousands to do so the first time.

Let’s not forget that you’ll leave the expo inspired, because you won’t only be showed the latest trends – but also how to bring them into your home. So spend a little money this season on a ticket for a décor expo. It’s sure to be well worth the expense.







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