Show your kitchen some love

Kitchen Renovating
After my last décor find, I asked friends and family for their favourite tips and tricks when it comes to redoing their kitchens. My only condition was that it should be simple, as well as affordable advice.

The six suggestions below were my favourites. I’ve added some advice on how to make each idea work in your kitchen:

Take out the paint brush

Colours have the power to affect our mood. For instance, yellow communicates happiness, while blue has a calming effect. Both of these could work really well in a kitchen, as can shades of green. Decide which mood suits your kitchen, then incorporate the colour in the walls or curtains or wherever it will work.

Make a backsplash

Adding an accent wall in a lounge is a popular decorating trick. The kitchen equivalent is a backsplash. This could go on the wall behind the stove or run along the kitchen countertops.

The easy way out is a coat of paint in a contrasting colour to the rest of the kitchen. Mosaic detail is the route to take when a little bit of effort is not a problem. It will make a stand-out impression.

Get rid of cupboard doors

Taking the doors off cupboards to create open shelving not only updates the look of a kitchen, it also makes it appear bigger. It’s a great trick for small kitchens.

Go one step further and paint the insides of the cupboard for a fresh look. You could also add hooks to the bottoms of cupboards to hang mugs from. This is another great trick for a small kitchen, as it frees up cupboard space.

Get a new set of door knobs or handles

This surely has to be the easiest and cheapest way to update the look of your kitchen. You’ll be amazed at what a difference a new set of door knobs or handles can do to the look of a kitchen.

Play with chalkboard paint

Give your creativity free reign on a chalkboard in the kitchen. It’s a fun effect and the kids will love it too and as simple as coating a wall, cupboard or even an old fridge in chalkboard paint.

Replaces tired elements

Outdated appliances, weathered containers on a countertop or suffering plants all make a kitchen look crummy. If these are in your kitchen, invest in modern kitchen appliances, replace the containers and visit a nursery immediately. The change will make a world of difference.


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