Lovely bedroom dreaming


Think about the last time you had a truly great night’s sleep. It was probably in a hotel, wasn’t it? The best sleep always seems to be a hotel sleep.

I don’t know if it the thrill of being on holiday, knowing you won’t have to make the bed or possibly the lure of a buffet breakfast.

A big part of it for me, is the decor. Hotels always look amazing. And that is probably because they keep it simple. Minimal accessories and a total lack of clutter mixed with the ultimate indulgence – crisp and fluffy white linen.

Yara over at Chapter Friday agrees. Her recent post about an upcoming bedroom makeover saw her dreaming of hotel rooms. “Hotel rooms always seem to get that interior mix of playful and relaxed just right. How that’s done? I think the secret lies in a) a lot of white and neutrals and b) leaving out what is not strictly necessary. So after a recent trip to yet another dreamy hotel, I decided to take on a brand new interior mission. I wanted to hotel-ify my bedroom.”

Who agrees?


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