Easy DIY projects over the festive season


This is the time of year when you’re likely feeling a little more relaxed and have some extra time on your hands.  It is the ideal time to catch up on some of the projects around the house you’ve been meaning to do. We’ve rounded up some projects you’ll be able to complete within a few hours and will have major impact in your home. They all use wood so find one of the board suppliers in Cape Town and you’ll be ready to get going.



If you don’t have a headboard behind your bed, it could be just the finishing touch the room needs to appear complete and pulled together. You could easily create one by taking a piece of wooden board and cutting it to the correct size. You could then cover it using foam and fabric to match the room’s decor.



It is quick and easy to create a cheese board or serving platter to use at your next dinner party. Simply use scraps of wood in the size you could like and then sand them until they are perfectly smooth. Wipe them down to remove any dust and give them several coats of food grade mineral oil.



These are so much fun for both children and adults. Kids will love drawing on them and grownups will find them so useful for notes and lists. Simply choose a piece of wood in the appropriate size and sand it before covering it in a layer or two of chalkboard paint. Cover with a layer of chalk, wipe clean and it’ll be ready for use.



There are some amazing lighting projects which can be using using wood boards. One idea for a lighting project is to attach small strips of wood to a bigger piece. Place candles or jars containing candles on the smaller pieces. Another very effective idea is to hang a large piece of wood from the ceiling above the dining table. Cut round holes into the wood and suspend jars containing candles.



Use planks of wood and large bricks to create a very effective and affordable shelving solution which can be used indoors or outdoors. Stack the bricks between the wood and continue layering until you’ve reached your desired height. Ensure it is secure by adding either glue or nails.



Use strips of wood from an old pallet to create a walkway in your garden. Simply clear the area of any plants and add a new layer of topsoil before placing the planks where you would like your path to be. You’ll be able to lift the planks for easy access to weeds.

All of these projects can easily be completed within a few hours and will provide an instant style update.

Iimage: Funky Junk Interiors


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