When you want a private garden

garden shelterIt’s great having an outdoor area for your home, but it’s even better having a garden that lets you feel like you’re removed from the rest of the world. Whether because you want to hide from your nosy neighbours or you’d like to work on your tan without prying eyes, there are a number of ways to make sure that your backyard really is your personal backyard.


The most obvious and easiest way to create privacy is to put up a fence. Fencing is quicker and cheaper than building a high wall and it can look more natural and appealing, particularly if you use timber fencing.

Fences keep your neighbours from peering into your yard and provide a sense of enclosure and safety. They keep unwanted animals and strangers out, while keeping your pets and children where you want them.

If you put up fencing, be sure to use a material and style that goes with your property. There are many different looks you could go for, from simple and natural, to quaint and rustic.


If you only have a few spots that need covering, then erecting an entire fence might not be necessary. You could then install a freestanding trellis to beef up your privacy screen. Train climbing vines and flowers to grow over the trellis, which will not only shield a specific area of your yard from view, it will add to the garden’s aesthetics.


If you can’t put up a tall-enough fence (which is sometimes against jurisdiction in certain areas), then alternatively you can plant evergreen shrubs or trees. Evergreen plants, which have leaves throughout the year, blend with a landscape more easily than fencing, and they help make your yard more attractive.

The drawback is that plants can take years to reach the necessary height to provide effective privacy. Therefore, either choose fast-growing plants or buy plants and trees that are already quite tall, although this can be more expensive.


Another idea is to be clever with your structure placement. If you were thinking of putting up a shed, Wendy house or garage, place the structure in such a way so that it affords you some privacy. However, before building any structure in your garden, check your local building codes to make sure you’re permitted to add a structure where you’re planning it.


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