Make it your own with cladding


After buying an existing building, you’ll often want to put your own stamp on it. You may want the building to suit the image of your company or be instantly recognisable as belonging to a certain group of companies.

In the same way, if you are wanting to upgrade your home to make it more appealing for high-end buyers in the future, changing the exterior can significantly improve its value.

“Curb appeal” is something which is often referred to. This refers to the exterior of the home and garden.

When redecorating, don’t just look at the inside of the building, make sure to also refurbish the outside of the building in creative and aesthetically pleasing ways by using unique facades.

Here are some ideas to improve the exterior of your home or office.


Exterior paint

It is important that any paint on the exterior of your building is in good condition. No peeling areas or mismatched colours. Also check for areas which may have become discoloured. If this is the case, it might be a good idea to consider cladding the exterior. Cladding is the perfect material to achieve the look which you and your architect are dreaming about. When building are admired for their outstanding creative designs, it is often the wall cladding which plays a massive role in its unique appearance.


Landscaping the front garden

An attractive front garden makes a big difference to how the front of your home or office is perceived. Make sure to have plenty of bright, healthy flowers, a lush, green lawn and a pathway leading to the front door.



The addition of louvres to the outside of a building provides shade and sun control in order to ensure comfortable working conditions. The filter harsh light and heat while allowing fresh air to filter through the building. Louvres also have aesthetic benefit, providing your business with a unique look and feel.


Doors and windows

Ensure all doors of windows of the building match. They should also all be able to open and close. Many buyers will test the doors and windows when they are viewing the property. You wouldn’t want a sticky window stopping a potential sale.

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