What kinds of decorating styles are there?

Our homes demand our constant attention. We want to be able to define everything about it, to make it our own, to feel comfortable, to feel proud of what we’ve created. An essential way to do that is to consider how we’re decorating.

Today, we’re more empowered than ever, as CNN reports.

What’s different in 2014… is that homeowners itching for a living room makeover are indelibly changed by the design information available to them.

By now a generation has grown up witnessing complete home redecorations within the span of a 30-minute television show. Early adopters of Pinterest and devotees of tutorial-disseminating decor blogs are largely empowered — or sometimes overwhelmed — by this media…

[Magazines still deliver] decorating tips and examples, but instead of a few fresh looks every month, tips now include online color choice generators and automatic room planners.

The problem is then deciding what does and does not work.

Different style guides are a good indicator in how to prioritise your decorating. For example, Sophisticated Classic is described as “An elegant blend of refined traditional furniture, jewelry-like accessories, and pale hues.”

This means choosing a kind lounge suit that fits in, not clashing with pale hues and softer edges. For example, no loud colours, no outlandish designs.

Another, more common style, might something like traditional home decorating. This, according to HowStuffworks.com, usually “adheres to a certain period of history such as Georgian or neoclassical”. To clarify:

“In general terms, however, traditional style has come to translate a generous mix of highly polished pieces from any number of periods and countries (or good quality reproductions) and luxurious accouterments [sic].”

Perhaps, though, you want something more “rustic”: this is a balance of looking like something that would fit in olden times, or the woods, as well the city. Woods, organic textures, natural warmth, and so on, are the kinds of properties you’d want. Downlights help to mitigate harshness, especially if made on long walls to add to the dimension of being a natural.

Or perhaps you’re the type of personality that wants things to shine through. This “Eclectic” style in summary is your life curated.

“It reshuffles the rule book, mixing and matching old and new, East and West, luxe and humble, showy and quiet. It invites you to fill a space with objects you love and unique finds that strike your fancy. Simply put, it’s you, curated.”

This fun style can be fun to play with and can be updated to reflect your growth as a person.

(Image credit: Dennis Zanone  / WikiPedia)



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