The art of slow cooking


When rushing home from work every evening, often the last thing on your mind is what to make for dinner. But that’s the question plaguing most of us daily.

Easy answer

Taking all the guesswork out of family evening meals is one easy to use appliance – the slow cooker. These amazing appliances allow you to prepare meals in the morning before work and let them cook themselves throughout the day. You’ll come home to a delicious, nutritious meal that’s ready to eat and that you’ve hardly had to work for.

Slow cooking has recently captured the world’s imagination as we are busier than ever with more work and chores to occupy our time. Karen Bellessa Petersen, an American stay at home mom, has written a book, 365 Days of Crockpot.

“In January 2009, I set out on an interesting journey. I decided to see if I could cook 365 different slow cooker recipes in 365 days. I did it without any repeats! I have done everything from main dishes, sides, desserts, breakfasts and breads,” she says.

Petersen describes her slow cooker recipes as easy, tasty and budget friendly.

“The slow cooker is a wonderful appliance that can give you the freedom to cook dinner at any time but dinner time (which is often the most busy and crazy time of the day). It frees your mind so you don’t have to think ‘what am I going to make for dinner’ all day long.”

Budget basics

Slow cooking is extremely wallet friendly. Aside from the initial outlay for the cookware, using it allows for you to make use of cheaper cuts of meat which will soften as they are cooked for the extended periods of time. You’ll also be able to use beans which will soften through the longer cooking time and absorb all the flavour from the other ingredients including healthy vegetable and delicious stock.

Recipe for success

The BBC’s Good Food recently compiled a guide for all the top tips when using a slow cooker. These include not adding too much liquid and being sure to stay away from the pot to avoid checking on it every few hours as this releases heat. The guide also advises that you should trim the fat off meat as it won’t drain away.




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