Are you using this simple décor trick?


There is one sure-fire way to make a room look completely different without breaking the bank. And it’s such a simple technique that anyone can get it right. What’s more, it won’t take much longer than a morning or an afternoon over a weekend to accomplish.

What is this technique? Adding texture. By using different textures in a room, dimension and interest is created. Texture has the ability to transform a cold and sterile house into a warm, inviting home.

Now that you know why texture is such a powerful décor tool, let’s look at how you can use different textures in your home.

Balance is key

As with everything in life, balance is important when it comes to playing with texture. So while there is such a thing as too little texture, it is definitely possible to go overboard too. Start out with about three textured elements in a room and then judge whether more is needed.

The two rooms that you’d probably want to make over would be the lounge and your bedroom. These are the rooms we all use most, so they’re the ones we spend most of our energy on when it comes to renovations projects.

Let’s look at each room individually:

The lounge

There are so many wonderful solutions for the lounge. The simplest of the lot is cushions; just add them to a couch. Drape a chenille throw over the couch too and you’re well on your way to creating a room with a lot of texture.

Using a rug under a table is another simple way to add texture. A carved wooden table in itself will lend a touch of texture to a lounge. Should budget allow for it, invest in a piece of art, ideally done in oil. If you’ve ever seen an oil painting up close, you’ll know its surface is not flat – oil on canvas creates an irregular surface, making it a textured surface in itself.

Plants also contribute more than just beautiful greenery to a room, so visit the local nursery for some foliage. Be sure to check which plants flourish indoors and with little to no sunlight, unless your lounge actually do get quite a bit of sun during the day.

Finally, avid readers will be happy to know that they’ve just found a way to justify collecting books – a wall of books add warmth and texture to a lounge. First prize would be leather-bound editions of your favourite novels. Intensify the effect with a reading chair done up in a luxurious fabric and warm colour.

The bedroom

In the bedroom cushions and throws come into play once again. Here, however, you can also consider playing with cushions in different shapes and sizes. Play with fabrics and trims too. Think velvet, organza, satin, taffeta and sequins. In winter, go to your local décor shop to look at blankets for sale. Faux fur and mink blankets are perfect to create a room with lots of texture.

Turn your attention to the windows next – curtains in heavy materials add a wonderful sense of texture to a bedroom. If blinds are preferred, consider using fabric or wooden ones. For a truly opulent look, use both curtains and blinds.

Other smaller touches could be textured lamp shades, a pin-tucked comforter or a chaise lounge with even more cushions. For a bigger project, consider making an upholstered headboard in a luxurious fabric. Not the sewing kind? Then use an old door, positioned flat against the wall. The wood won’t lend as much texture to the room as a carefully-chosen fabric, but it’ll definitely make a difference.

Can you now see how simple it is to create texture in a room? Use this trick in other rooms in your home too and you’ll notice how quickly the entire space becomes a lot more inviting.

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