Spruce up your garden this springtime

Spring Gardening

With the winter chill finally gone, it is time to dust off those gardening utensils and get our yards ready for summer.

Not only is spring the best time to add some striking flowering plants like Jasmine or Daisy bushes, but also to do some much needed maintenance work. Roses in particular need special attention this time of year whether it is pruning (in the cooler regions) or feeding.

With so much planning and pruning in the cards, you might even want to consider treating your property to a complete garden makeover.

Updating the look of your garden

Modern gardening makes use of a lot of clean lines and contrasting textures – think of bushy shrubs offset by smooth stone or warm wood surfaces. Building little pathways among your flowerbeds creates a fun interactive space that is perfectly on trend.

Also consider compartmentalising your garden and creating depth with low hedges. The different “zones” create a layered effect that can be rounded off with a backdrop of timber fencing or a minimalistic white wall.

Adding green-living elements

If you love your garden, chances are you feel passionate about nature and the environment. Luckily gardening provides ample opportunities for sustainable living. Composting your organic waste, for example, helps minimise household refuse while providing great natural nutrition to your greenery.

Spring is the best time to start a vegetable garden. With fresh, organic veggies ready for the picking right in your yard, you’ll find you save on groceries while doing your bit for the environment. For best results, plant produce suited to your local climate and the season.

In general, stick to plants and vegetables that do not require exorbitant watering. Alternatively you can optimise moisture by covering smaller plants with clear plastic to minimise evaporation. Either way, always be conscious of saving as much water as you can.

Make your garden an extension of your home

With all the love and energy we spend on our gardens, we should be making the most of enjoying our handiwork. Consider investing in a picnic table so you and your family can enjoy meals outside. A nearby water feature drowns out street noises and adds a calming ambience.

If you are really up for a project, adding a deck, a lapa or a braai area to your garden will drastically increase your enjoyment of spending time in it. In addition you can add benches and reading nooks for the whole family to enjoy.

With a bit of work and some creative planning this spring, we can all enjoy the garden of our dreams in the upcoming summer.

Image source: pixabay.com


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