The technology of cooling


The weather is currently having difficulty making up its mind – whether it should be cold or hot. But spring is definitely in the air and soon the scorching summer heat will be upon us. Yet, this need not be as much a problem as we think since we have great gadgets and tech to help.

Fancy Fans

Bladeless fans might seem counter-intuitive, but that’s exactly what Dyson has created. This attractive, sleek and powerful device seems ripped from any popular sci-fi yarn. Using its Air Multiplier technology, the bladeless device uses its silent, hidden motor to stir up and cool air, and push it in the direction of your choice.

Or how about a specially designed fan for the bed? Yes, Brookestone have created a fan that silently gets under the sheets to provide the much needed cool air to combat those heavy nights. It distributes air, meaning that it’s perfect for couples sharing a bed, since you’ll have different body temps.

Cool wear

If you have to wear clothes – and most of us, above 6 months, usually do – then we need to wear clothes that don’t restrict heat. We could stick them in a fridge freezer or cooler bag covered in ice, but there might be another solution: a specially designed suit that allows pockets for ice packs straight from the same fridge. Stay cool, even if you have to wear suits as per a job requirement!

Let the light in, but keep wandering eyes out

No doubt something every new homeowner has wondered is how to balance wanting natural light with keeping privacy. Yes, we could turn on in-door lights but that would cost electricity. And if its day, why not use the free light of the sun?

Thankfully, places like The Shade Store has come up with the idea of light-coloured Roller Shades. These stunning, hand-crafted and custom-made shades come in whatever colour you desire, allowing light in and of course preventing your privacy from being compromised.

Technology doesn’t just mean electronic – but innovation of already existing items that fulfill needs. Here we’ve seen some ways that’s come to be realized with fighting scorching days as summer comes to a close.




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