Window Treatment Trends for Winter

Window-treatmentsYou wouldn’t think that the fashion of window treatments changes much from year to year, but it actually does change a lot. Trends come and go, homes are redesigned, and of course, the season changes as well. Now that winter is creeping in, how about getting a contemporary feel for your curtain style that goes with the season?

Here are a few trendy window treatment styles that will go well the colder climate:

Warm colours

In contrast to the cool climate, keep the colours of your window treatment warm. Earthy tones, burnt orange and burgundy are very popular. Can’t you just imagine how nicely they’d compliment a crackling fire and a glass of merlot?

Stylish thermal curtains

You lose a lot of interior heat through the windows. Counteracting this, thick, thermal curtains keep the warmth in, and the cold out. Look for options that give you blackout features as well, which is useful for the bedroom and nursery. Or the lounge area so you can get rid of that nasty glare on the TV screen when you’re nesting inside on a cold winter’s day.

Lovely gossamer sheers

Moving away from frills and rough-textured polyester, sheers are now sleek, slightly iridescent, and utterly romantic. Another way to go with your sheers is to use dramatic colours like cocoa and smoke, or using a combination of two tones of sheers.

Lush materials

Velvet curtains are a trend that is going strong, and works particularly well for the winter, especially if in a warm colour. Nothing flows and catches the light quite like velvet. It oozes warmth and luxury. Just don’t go to extreme with patterns, because the overall look can be a bit much.

Wider curtains

Windows are getting bigger to make use of natural light and open up the interior space. With bigger windows come longer and wider curtains, giving wonderful full, dramatic looks. Neutral colours or colours that blend in well with the rest of the room will work best here.

The informal look

Pleats are getting longer and looser, which gives a more relaxed, contemporary look. Also, no longer are we seeing extra-long drapery puddling on the floor. Keep your curtains floor-length, but perhaps keep them puddling a little, just a couple inches longer than floor-length.

These stylish window treatments complement the changing season nicely. Changing your curtains changes your whole room. Incorporate one or more of these trends, and enjoy the contemporary look and feel they bring to your home.


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