Simple tips for winter

gas heater

 Cold winter days can do a lot of damage to our wallets, as we tend to use more electricity to help combat the cold. There are other methods we can use, however, to help combat the horrible dropping temperatures. The home is first place that needs to be protected and, essentially, fortified against the enemy that is low temperatures.


Almost all of us with homes use heaters to combat the cold, but you must decide whether to get electric or gas heaters. Electric heaters are simple, usually cheaper and are just a matter of plugging it in and turning it on. It is guaranteed to generate heat. Gas heaters, however, cost more on purchase, and require additional aspects like a quite expensive can of gas and are not guaranteed to generate as much heat (indeed, if you run out of gas, you won’t get heat).

But, gas heaters are in fact better in the long term. Electric heaters use a great deal of electricity, meaning your bills will skyrocket. Gas heaters do not, relying instead on the gas which lasts a long time (hence the initial fairly hefty cost).


But heaters would be meaningless if all that heat just disappeared. And this is what happens when you have openings, like windows or door gaps. Make sure these are closed or sealed, since any opening will mean more heat needs to be created – which, of course, means more money coming from you.

Nail everything down

You don’t want to be fixing your doors, straightening your timber poles by your fence, or clearing your gutters during a downpour. Make sure you’ve tightened everything up before winter comes so you’re not left working to fix these while soaking, cold and getting sick.


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