Minimise kitchen mishaps

washing plates

The crash of a plate, the smash of glass: we’re so used to these sounds coming from the kitchen, they become as normal as the smell of cooking. Most of us don’t have professionally-styled kitchens, with place for every knife and glass – so what smart, innovative ways are there to help prevent our clumsy hands from destroying our favourite plates?

Non-stick everything

Kitchens face the nightmare of liquids: whether oil or water, you’re bound to have your surfaces covered in liquid. This makes it increasingly dangerous and more likely for things to break. You should always give a quick wipe down of your surfaces, before and after using them. Obtain a small mop to give a once-over on the floor to prevent breaking cookware or ankles.

It also helps when you are setting things down. Non-stick surfaces are a good idea for this. Using different kinds of fibres, you can help create les dangerous environment and prevent unnecessary falls and trips.

Storing glass

There’s a constant danger when soap meets glass. On the one hand you need to clean it, but on the other you also need to hold it. Yes, cleaning is a hassle but, perhaps just as bad, is storing (before and after they’re dry). Putting glasses next to plates and utensils increases chances they might drop and crash. Small amounts of glass getting everywhere is extremely dangerous, especially in areas where food is prepared.

Consider getting upside down storage, as is common in bar areas. This might seem extravagant but there is method behind the fanciness. Upside down storage of things like win glasses means that you don’t accidentally knock these precious glassware or are unable to locate them. Further, it means automatic drying while storing.

Keep it cool

Another area that might seem slightly left-of-centre is the state of your fridge. Leaking fridges can cause short-circuits, spillages and other dangerous events – which makes the kitchen a more dangerous area. You don’t need a fridge that uses magnets and water, you just need one that won’t leak or break or frost over. Most modern fridges work perfectly well these days – and don’t cost nearly as much as the upper end fridges.

Obviously these better fridges allow you to plan for vacations and so forth, but primarily we are looking at ways to prevent spillage and unnecessary reactions. A quality brand should be sufficient basis on which to purchase a fridge, rather than any fancy features.


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