5 Home repairs to the leave the pros


Most of us can change a light bulb or the washer on a tap, but when it comes to big repair jobs it’s always better to call in the professionals. Many botched DIY jobs have resulted in injury and subsequent medical bills, not to mention expensive repairs to fix the damage done.

Save time and money (and most likely yourself) by stepping to the side and getting someone with the necessary skills and experience to take care of these repairs and revamps:

Plumbing problems

Straightforward jobs like replacing shower heads or hooking up washing machines are fine to take care of yourself, but leave more complex projects like finding and fixing leaks, installing or fixing toilets, or changing the pipework in a house to someone who knows what they’re doing. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could flood your house, or parts of it, and your insurance provider will most likely not pay for these damages.

Look local when searching for plumbers, as they’ll be familiar with industry standards, as well as rules and regulations of the area. So if you’re in Cape Town, for instance, dial the numbers of plumbers in Cape Town to find someone who can help.

Electrical faults

The reason to avoid dabbling in electrical jobs should be obvious – you could get an electrical shock and it could be severe. On top of that, a fire could ignite and you could do damage to the wiring of your home. Rather look up the number of electrician to change a light switch, sort out a faulty plug or repair wiring. Don’t ever feel the job is too small – when it comes to electricity, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Roof repairs

Working on a roof is risky, but having to haul equipment up and down ladders make the experience altogether more hazardous. Not knowing what you’re doing once you’re on the roof is dangerous too. You can cause structural damage, which could lead to leaks and other problems. Hiring a professional will see to it that the roof of your home is repaired properly.

Structural changes

Perhaps you’ve just decided to break down the wall diving your kitchen and lounge to create an entertaining area. The first thing to do is to step away from the sledgehammer. If you don’t know what you’re doing you could break down a loadbearing wall, which could mean that your home collapses around you. Equally disastrous would be hitting into water pipes. There will be water everywhere. A professional builder will know which walls can be taken out and will be able to take care of it without damaging your home.

Window work

Do you want to add or replace windows? Then contact a glazier to do it properly. They’ll ensure that the windows are insulated and secure. Keep in mind that shoddy work on windows not only affects your life now, but will also make a difference should you ever wish to sell your house. Potential buyers won’t like the look of skew windows that let cold air in during winter.


Image credit: Alan Levine via Flickr



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