Make the best of bedtime

woman sleeping

Whether you’re young, old, sharing a futon with a labrador, or own the king of king size beds, making the most of your sleeping hours is a priority. The recommended eight hours of rest per day means nothing when you’re tossing and turning all night, unable to switch off work related stress and fall into the REM cycle your body needs.

What to do if sleep alludes

The ancient art of Feng Shui promotes a bedroom exclusively dedicated to sleep. Get rid of clutter and piles of laundry. It interrupts the flow of good energy. No electronics are welcome in your sleep sanctuary, but if you must have a TV, hide it in a cupboard. Never invite your laptop to bed; working in your bedroom is a big no-no as your subconscious will make the wrong connections. The same applies to exercise equipment; your mind must interpret this space as a temple of rest and rejuvenation.

Location, location, location

Be mindful of where you place your bed. You should be able to see the entrance to your room lying down. However, you could be losing valuable positive energy if your toes are pointing towards the door. Also try not to put your bed directly underneath a window; the peaceful energy you want to harness will flow straight past you.

Keep things tidy by making your bed every morning. Studies have shown getting into a clean, neatly made bed improves sleep quality. For a slumber inducing boost, try a drop of scented oil on your pillow. Lavender or camomile work best.

Harmony boosting decorating

Keep bedroom colours light; blues and earthy brown are best, but avoid bright hues that overstimulated the brain.

You can hang a painting or picture opposite your bed, as long as it’s a positive image. This is the last image you see before falling asleep, and the first one after waking up. Mirrors are okay, as long as you can’t see yourself when lying down.

Furnishings like lamps and bedside tables should have rounded corners and preferably come in pairs. A table each side of your bed brings harmony to your sacred sleeping space, but keep them uncluttered. Not that you’ll need the pile of books by your pillow once you’re drifting off to dreamland thanks to the magic of Feng Shui.


Image credit: planetchopstick


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