DIY projects to make your home warmer this winter

family fireplace

Winter is here, and now that we’re feeling the chill we’re working on combating it. You can keep your home warm and toasty with a few simple changes. There’s no need to worry about how much money you’ll have to fork out though, because all these projects can be tackled yourself.


It’s not enough to just have warmth in your home. You need to take measures to make sure that warmth stays inside. Insulating your roof or ceiling is one of the biggest winter improvements to implement. Besides keeping your home cosy all winter, it’ll also keep you cooler in the summer, as it prevents warm air coming in. Doing this yourself requires some effort on your behalf, but it’s still fairly easy to do yourself. Your local hardware store should give you the tools you need as well as some helpful advice. Or, you can read here for some step-by-step guidance.


You’d be amazed how much warmth you lose through the small nooks and crannies of your home, especially older homes. Draught-proofing helps you in this regard, and entails blocking off gaps in your home that let hot air escape and cold air come in. This is very simple and affordable – you just need a sealant like gunned silicon or some draught-proofing strips from your local DIY store. Check for draughts around your windows, doors, and light fittings.

Thermal curtains

Even after you’ve plugged all those crevices around your windows, there’s still a lot of heat escaping through the window planes. One way to effectively combat this is with reinforced window treatment. You can either invest in thermal curtains, or you can easily make your own. Simply reinforce an old set of curtains with an insulating layer, such as fleece, and you have a warm, thick set of curtains to keep the warmth in.

Keep your curtains open while the sun is shining to make use of the warm rays of the sun, then close the curtains when it’s cooler out to retain heat.

Install a gas-powered fireplace

Is there a better way to keep warm than with a crackling fire in the house? You don’t even need a chimney – not with vent-free gas-powered fireplaces. You can either buy a gas-powered fireplace and install it yourself, or if you’re very confident about your DIY skills, you can make and install a fireplace yourself, with inexpensive tools like dry wall, tar paper, MDF panels or plywood, and a metal lath.

Making and installing one yourself does require a bit of work, but need not be too intimidating. Just think of all the cosy evenings you’ll have with your family lounging in front of a warm fire in the heart of winter.


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