Simple ways to warm up your home in winter

Winter Lounge

Winter is flexing its muscles and it has us in its icy grip. To stave off the cold you can go the whole nine yards and insulate your home, but this is an unlikely option for many. Insulating a home can become laborious, as well as expensive if a professional touch is needed.

There are other ways to warm up your home that are a lot simpler and a lot cheaper. All you really have to do is change your décor a bit. Here’s how to do it:

Rugs. Nothing says ‘winter’ quite like a cold floor underfoot first-thing in the morning. Sidestep this shock with plush rugs. Make rugs and carpets that are in your home already even cosier with an extra rug on top.

Fabrics. Winter demands rich fabrics like cashmere, wool, velvet, flannel and chenille. They’re not only much warmer against the skin, they also make a room appear cosier. Don’t think you can only add these fabrics to your home in the form of bedding – they can be used around the home in a myriad of ways.

Colours. Swop out cold blues, purples and greens for warm reds, oranges and yellows in winter. Think a tartan throw on a couch or, for a bigger project, paint a wall in your living room in an accent colour.

Scents. If you love burning candles to create atmosphere, place a few candles with spicy scents around your home. Cinnamon works really well, as does vanilla.

Accessories. Gold, brass and copper accessories will create a wonderfully warm feeling in your home. Put away the silver and stainless steel until summer when the days start to heat up again.

Slip covers. Leather dining room chairs will not make for pleasant seating in winter! Make lunch a little more bearable with cotton slip covers to sit on.

Mirrors. Make the most of the little sunlight you get in your home with mirrors. Placing mirrors across from windows will reflect the light, warming up the room it’s in.

Lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home? Then move your lounge seating closer, to while away winter evenings in front of a crackling fire. Add a soft throw to the mix and you’re set for a warm winter.

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