How to decorate a loft apartment

loftLoft apartments are very popular right now. By definition, they have an open plan layout. While this gives them a wonderful, airy feel, it does mean approaching your décor differently. What do you do with a single, large room that serves multiple purposes?

Understand the look and feel

A loft used to refer to an industrial space, like a warehouse or factory, which had been modified for residence. So they had a naturally industrial look with face brick and exposed beams and pipes. They were cheaper and often not in the most desirable neighbourhoods. But they were valued for the incredible space and light. Artists especially liked them and used them as studios.

Nowadays, loft apartments are often designed to be as such from the get-go. But the bohemian reputation has persisted, and the industrial look has become chic.

Choose your style

There are two main directions your decorating can go. The classic loft style is rustic and vintage. You can create this bohemian look with vintage furniture, interesting art, rich textures and colours, and natural materials like wood and stone.

On the other hand, the newer lofts often have a much more contemporary, sleek feel. Stainless steel, smooth lines and modern pieces are your decorating friends. You’ll have to consider your particular apartment, as well as your personal tastes, to see which direction fits best.

Define the zones

The open plan can be strange to some. To use this space, it’s important to create zones. Ask yourself how you want to use your space. Perhaps a quiet reading nook, a study place, and an entertainment area. Walk around the loft and decide what would work where. Use the bathroom, kitchen and windows as your cues.

Don’t be scared to defy conventions of layout. For instance, in a traditional home, your bedroom would consist of your sleeping space, as well as your dressing area. In a loft, your “bedroom” could simply be a double bed and a bedside table, while your wardrobe could be on the other side of the apartment.

Draw imaginary lines

Just because there aren’t walls, doesn’t mean you can’t create boundaries to define the space. You can define sections with furniture, carpets and raised platforms.

Dividers like screens and curtains are helpful if you want to carve out a cosy corner for yourself, or if you want to partition one section off as a more public area for entertainment, while closing off your more private bedroom area.

Consider the whole

While each section can have its own character, there needs to be some consistency in the overall theme. It’s not like you can have a relaxed, beach vibe in one corner, and a sleek, modern look in the next. They would clash. Similarly, you’ll need to stick to a single colour palette.

Although you’re going to have different zones, because of the open plan you need to consider the loft apartment as a whole. It might sound a little intimidating, but the overall look can be unique and stunning.


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