Curtains or blinds? Don’t choose – get both!

Window treatmentsAre you moving into a new house or redecorating your home, and having a hard time choosing between curtains and blinds? Have you considered using both? Blinds keep the light in a room at just the level you want it and provide superior privacy. A beautiful set of curtains adds a fashionable and elegant touch to a room. So doubling up means you get the best of both worlds – function and fashion.

Best for living rooms and bedrooms

Curtains and blinds combined work well in any living area, bedroom or even study. Blinds in bedrooms are a blessing in summer. It means you don’t have to be up with the sun; there is nothing as distressing as early-morning sunlight when a little more sleep is necessary!

If the look in a room is traditional, pair floral drapes with wooden blinds. Both will complement classic furniture and accessories in the room. The floral prints will also serve to soften the room, especially if it’s fitted with hardwood floors.

Should the style you’re going for be more modern, team curtains in solid colours with venetian blinds. These blinds are simple and stylish, adding the clean lines associated with contemporary spaces.

If you want to keep costs down, add just a hint of fabric to soften and brighten a room. This can be done easily with a sheer valance draped over a curtain rod. The curtain rod, if decorative, will further enhance the look of the room.

The perfect alternative

It’s not typical to put up curtains in bathrooms and kitchens, but you most likely still want a window dressing of sorts in these rooms. The perfect all-in-one solution is roman blinds. These blinds are made from material, which means they add a soft touch to a room, while performing all the functions of a blind. They’re generally available in a range of colours and patterns, so you’ll easily create the look you want.

Feeling inspired? Then draw up a plan, detailing the look and feel for each room in your home, and go look at blinds and curtains for sale. Decorating an entire home is always easier with a plan in hand. Especially for those of us who have hard time deciding between all the beautiful patterns and colours available to home owners!


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